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Easter Bunny the Karaoke, MP3 and movie


Is it only chocolate and sweets,

candy bunny sugar coco treats.

Rushes and blushes,

fusses and cusses.

Furiously fast furore.

Are we all aboard the aching tooth train,

To whom this time do we give the blame,

waffling , scoffing , crunching, munching,

filling fat tummies past brim is a sin.

Food fornication! Mouth and stomachs not a bin.

Wild, forty days fasting, Jesus had them beat.

Demons and the devil tempted to defeat.

Gods good king not Satan’s puppet on a string.

My Lord wanted nice, not to learn bad things.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Herbs, veges, walnuts, dandelion lemon honey tea, mashed seeds from

No sudden bending in the cold, keep strong supple back,

gentle to hold,

noble straight and bold.

Christ’s love

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