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A poem called 'When?'


When will it be done, Lord?
When will my hardship be through?
When will I leave this evil world?
When will I come home to you?

I want my nightmare here on Earth
To quickly come to an end
I want to look up to the start through the clouds
and grab hold of your outreached hand.

I want you say….

To read the rest of this poem and several others I have written, after
my near death experience as a passenger in a head on car crash, please
visit  http://waitingtowakeup.com

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    > >>> So pass?
    > >> So passe that you just couldn’t help posting about it.

    > >> …….heh

    > > I just couldn’t help rubbing in the fact that the libeling AUK
    caballers are
    > > in the process of getting their collective asses kicked so hard they
    have no
    > > time for their lame awards anymore. So much so that a second-rate
    Wookie has
    > > tried to resurrect them but has failed miserably as is the case with
    > > everything else he’s ever tried.

    > You obviously missed this posts
    > —
    >  Lionel Lauer


    Nobody but yourself cares what that Faggot Peter "Eater" Ross posts….

    All his posts are dripping with Jizz from all his Gay boy-friends…..

    Ross only faked this last election to remember his Gay pal, Pinky Sue !!

    Get a Life, Lionel !!


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