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the aapc dick tease

Meat Plow
Peter J Ross
Will Dockery
George Dance
Peter J Ross
George Dance
Will Dockery
Meat Plow
Peter J Ross
Will Dockery
George Dance
Meat Plow
Will Dockery
George Dance

If you give it a quick glance, it appears
to be a lively newsgroup.  Then, upon
further study, it’s nothing but a dick tease.
Then, add to that the fact that the subject
matter of the group is rarely realized: poetry.
Further, add the painful reality that instead
of poetry, the topic is personalities.  Need
we even mention that they fight?

One day aapc will return from to the land
of the living.  I will wait patiently.

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howlin' wolf


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Lost TAPES: Bach or Hendricks? Music by Poet

The LOST TAPES series. (Music from the 80′s and 90′s refound.)
Bach or Hendricks?

Well it’s pretty clear its not Bach – just not the sophisticated
technical talent of Bach. It’s more simple with a lot of melody. And
note there’s more joy in this very very short piece, than most Bach
keyboard pieces. What do you think? (Official title of this bagatelle
is "Leaves").


Tom Hendricks
for all the LOST TAPES go to musea.us or to my blog http://musea.wordpress.com/
for the other 5 cd’s of Hunkasaurus and PD, go to hunkasaurus.com

The series so far:
Watching Her Walk From Behind (jazz song)
History of Rock and Roll (recitation with bebop guitar)
Two Based on Beethoven (classical pieces)
Love is Forever by Mosteller/Loehr (12 by 12 Records Favorite- best
piano and voice))
Strings ( extremely melodic one minute piece for strings).
The Signal (note the rhythms in this exotic instrumental.)
Angel (12 by 12 Records Favorite – best guitar and voice song.)
The Spanish Melody – Part One and Part Two (two in the Spanish Guitar
Soul Searching ( original bebop jazz composition – I play keyboards.)
Stories (two versions of this original, full band, and post-bands
guitar/ voice version.)
Leaves (Bach or Beethoven? ( Bagatelle on harpsichord in the Bach

Please turn it up loud, or use headphones for best results. And help
spread the word about this new post-bands music.

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Bollywood hot girl Bipasabasu sweet dreams

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at http://hotgirlasweetvideos.co.cc

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Please disregard.

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Disregard please.

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Usenet Sucks

Facebook is much better. Less whining and fighting.

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The Girls Cookie Party

The Girls are coming over to make cookies.  It’s an event.  It started
a long, long time ago at one of the other Girl’s houses, but it’s been
at our house for the last several years because the number of Girls
attending has increased exponentially, not to mention generationally,
since The Cookie Party began many years ago, and we have the biggest

Okay, so now it’s here, and the Girls are coming over within the hour
to make Christmas cookies for their respective families.  It’s a
tradition.  In addition to Christmas cookies, the Girls will drink
nogs and whatnot; catch a good buzz with one another; catch each other
up on their respective local buzzes, and whatnot; and all in all make
a big mess of the kitchen.  I may enjoy their company, and as many of
the cookies as I like; and I’m welcome to watch, and smile pleasantly
as they enjoy their whatever it is they do.  I may interact to the
extent that I am invited; asked direct questions, to which I may
respond at appropriate length, then continue to smile, and agree with
everything, but I am the only man allowed to attend, and that is only
because it is my house and I am there to serve a purpose.

My job is the mess.  I get to clean up the mess; food processors;
cookie sheets, utensils, countertops; curtains; ashtrays; and the
occasional vomitous with Comet, of course.   The Girls will be
arriving here at noon.  God save me from Sandy’s bean dip.

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Hammes on dockery

"Then, of course, there are those such as klunk, Dockery, and GotShit,
e.g., whose self-esteem and personal performances are so low that they
have to /invent/ the low conditions of others merely in order to
pretend to have something to feel superior to.
  The resulting brief glimmer of /Schdenfreude/ is so addictive that
they then spend the rest of their "lives" pretending the ability to
reduce others’ status and achievement (role) by making squiggles that
Only They are competent to Read Correctly.
  Some call it "eating their own shit." "

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Slowly burning rope
Wax melts and give way to flame
Intimate lighting.

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