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….and that's the way it was.

(fire away)..

Beirut exploded
in gunfire today,
as the U.S. launched
a top secret satellite
and Miami, lit up
by the rockets red glare,
sweltered for the sixth,
consecutive, day.
Record breaking rain
in Honduras,
washed away
another village
and village officials,
vacationing in New York,
could not be reached for comment.
Public outcry for
fetal tissue research
suffered a setback,
as congress
refused to comment,
citing impending trips
to rain soaked Honduras
and the search for
U.S. supported villages,
missing since last Friday.
Ozone levels
degenerated further
with the explosion
of unwanted nuclear weapons
at the North Pole.
Officials, declaring
the cold war dead,
said the cleanup of polar bears
washing up in Nova Scotia
will begin immediately.
Knicks won, Islanders lost.
Giants play tonight.
Update at eleven.

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Poem turned song

Tribute for James Honeyman Scott…original member of The
Pretenders…..friend in Sweden put together vid to my song. He grew
up with Scott and runs a tribute space for him.

Enjoy (or don’t)


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vital yet pushy,
fast when you’re busy,
slow when you’re bored,
no way to fight it,
it reigns as our lord,
more so than booze,
more so than weed,
why can’t we have

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Short Play in Verse: Interrogation! – Issue #173 of Musea


The new issue of Musea, #173 for Feb/Mar is out in print and at the
regular stops that include The MAC, The Inwood, Half Priced Books –
the main store, Paperbacks Plus, and Curiosities.
Webmaster Matthew has also posted it on the musea.us site.

This is a one act play in verse. It’s called Interrogation. It’s a
frightening drama about the worst of future worlds.
The idea came from a biography of the painter Rothko. The college he
was teaching painting at, called him in for a talk. Said they were
upset at his novel teachings. Reminded him that they were all TEAM
players. As if that was an excuse to fall into line.

Here is the first lines of Interrogation

The light was harsh
on its sole object
a painter in a hard back
stiff metal chair.
Somewhere in the dark
sat the questionnaires.
Folded hands and
mechanical voices.
"You are here
of your own free will?"
"You are here
to answer a query
of the school board
that employs you?"
"Let me go."
"We are not here
to threaten or cajole you."
"Let me go then.
Let me go…"
"This is only a
few days of your life.
We ask you and
you instruct us."

[For the rest of the play see musea.us and click on issue #173]

Let me know what you think.

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 17 year old zine Musea)

http://www.Musea.us (Musea, named as one of the best ZINES by UTNE
http://www.Hunkasaurus.com (Music, 5 full CD’s of free Post-Bands
http://www.Musea.wordpress.com (Blog for Musea, Art Contests, Weekly E-
mail Messages)
http://www.Myspace.com/Musead ; (Myspace Page, New Friends welcome)
http://www.youtube.com/TomHendricksMusea (Youtube Page, features all
my 60 videos)
(Big World Music List, best and first worldwide new music list.)

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god is no plumber..

so in his infinite wisdom,
he decided to thread
the urethra (custer)
thru the prostate (sitting bull).
surrounded and outnumbered,
swelling forces choked off
the supply line and doom
was quick at hand.
"bend over, spread em"
the medicine man spoke.
snap on glove, greased
we date every six months
no supper/movie/flowers
just me and him, alone
in a cold room
and a cold finger.

god, you’re fired.

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Poem/video on Godtube

I hope you enjoy!



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Why I Take The Nation


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Is this place..

…about bullshit or poetry.. (good or bad?)

Just wondering.

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Fred's Nutsack on Fatty P's triple chins………………

- — -

<Meat Plow> wrote in message news:3g6akv.gkc.17.5@news.alt.net…
> On Tue, 02 Feb 2010 10:46:17 -0600, "?n?hw??f"
> <snuhw…@yahoo.com>wrote:

> >Fred Hall <fkh…@gmail.com> clouded the waters of pure thought with
> >news:hk72mh$8qu$1@blackhelicopter.databasix.com:

> >> On Mon, 01 Feb 2010 10:33:22 -0600, "?n?hw??f"
> >> <snuhw…@yahoo.com> wrote:

> >>>Fred Hall <fkh…@gmail.com> clouded the waters of pure thought
> >>>with news:hk54pk$r4d$2@blackhelicopter.databasix.com:

> >>>> On Sun, 31 Jan 2010 11:18:25 -0600, "?n?hw??f"
> >>>> <snuhw…@yahoo.com> wrote:

> >>>>>Kadaitcha Man <a…@no.email> clouded the waters of pure thought
> >>>>>with news:hh23qg$12h$u@piss-slurping-whore-bitch.org.hungary:

> >>>>>> "?n?hw??f", thou roguish hind. Pray you, stand farther from
> >>>>>> me.
> >>>Ye
> >>>>>> beefed:

> >>>>>>> Kadaitcha Man <a…@no.email> clouded the waters of pure
> >>>>>>> thought with news:97dbq4$421$0@xenophobic-wench.org.uganda:

> >>>>>>>> "Yap", thou loggerheaded odoriferous stench. Four of thy
> >>>>>>>> five wits went halting off, and now is the whole man
> >>>>>>>> governed with one. Ye made known:

> >>>>>>>>> On Jan 30, 10:56??am, Kadaitcha Man <a…@no.email> wrote:
> >>>>>>>>>> "Smiler", thou spleeny very dull fool. You ratcatcher. Ye
> >>>>>>>>>> confided:

> >>>>>>>>>> > Kadaitcha Man wrote:
> >>>>>>>>>> >> "Yap", thou fat-kidneyed most wicked fiend. Bless me,
> >>>>>>>>>> >> what a fry of fornication is at the door. Ye gurgled:

> >>>>>>>>>> >>> On Jan 15, 11:08?? am, "Mark Earnest"
> >>>>>>>>>> >>> <gmearn…@yahoo.com> wrote:

> >>>>>>>>>> >>>> **Are we not imagining things right now as we
> >>>>>>>>>> >>>> discourse?
> >>>>>>>>>> >>> No.

> >>>>>>>>>> >> Idiot atheist.

> >>>>>>>>>> > Idiot theist, believing in things that cannot be shown
> >>>>>>>>>> > to exist.

> >>>>>>>>>> Who said I was a theist? Who made any claims about things
> >>>that
> >>>>>>>>>> cannot be shown to exist?

> >>>>>>>>> You are no theist? Must be a troll making fun.

> >>>>>>>> It makes absolutely no difference whatsoever what I am
> >>>>>>>> because…

> >>>>>>>>> Bigots make all the
> >>>>>>>>> claims that god is there to exist, yet when has it been
> >>>>>>>>> proven to exist? Not since the beginning of mankind.

> >>>>>>>> …as you can see, you will continue to rant anyway.

> >>>>>>>>>> Those products of your own wild and outrageous imagination
> >>>>>>>>>> right there are things that cannot be shown to exist.

> >>>>>>>>> He doesn’t have any imagination that is not suited for show
> >>>>>>>>> or implementation.
> >>>>>>>>> Wild imaginations of scientists and atheists are ideas for
> >>>>>>>>> work, not for dream.

> >>>>>>>> Oh, the irony.

> >>>>>>>> <indicates up>
> >>>>>>>> Fancy that, an FRZ atheist.

> >>>>>>>>>> Sucks to be you.
> >>>>>>>>> Oh, you are such a sucker.

> >>>>>>>> Please control your homosexual urges in public, thank you.

> >>>>>>>>>> >>> I cannot discuss "imagination" of another human, since
> >>>>>>>>>> >>> that is existing in the mind of the guy and not mine.

> >>>>>>>>>> >> Idiot atheist.

> >>>>>>>>>> > Idiot theist, believing in things that cannot be shown
> >>>>>>>>>> > to exist.

> >>>>>>>>>> >>> You invent a "beautiful angel" in
> >>>>>>>>>> >>> your mind,

> >>>>>>>>>> >> Well no, that is your assumption, idiot atheist.

> >>>>>>>>>> > If you hadn’t snipped it you would have seen that that
> >>>>>>>>>> > is EXACTLY what he did when he said that ‘everthing
> >>>>>>>>>> > imagined exists’.

> >>>>>>>>>> And you are telling me that, why exactly? Are you
> >>>>>>>>>> inferring a non- existent relationship between what was
> >>>>>>>>>> written and him being an idiot atheist?

> >>>>>>>>> Uncomputable sentences. No logic in reply.

> >>>>>>>> Your single synapse misfired again, huh?

> >>>>>>>>>> About that problem of yours with you believing things that
> >>>>>>>>>> cannot be shown to exist…

> >>>>>>>>>> Sucks to be you.

> >>>>>>>>> Yet, the suckers are all the bigots and believers…..pity
> >>>>>>>>> being conned by ancient herders.

> >>>>>>>> But you’re not a bigot, right?

> >>>>>>>>>> >>> but I lack any concept to accept it.

> >>>>>>>>>> >> Well, not really, no. First you need a brain.
> >>>>>>>>>> >> Preferably one that functions.

> >>>>>>>>>> >> HTH

> >>>>>>>>>> > Are you a mindreader? Where did you qualify? If he says
> >>>>>>>>>> > he has no concept of something it means that it is
> >>>>>>>>>> > nonsense to him.

> >>>>>>>>>> So, his utter confusion is my problem because?

> >>>>>>>>> You can’t be clearer than me.
> >>>>>>>>> You can even possess a full grown mind with logics and
> >>>>>>>>> reasons to refute the made up stories in the bible.

> >>>>>>>> LMAO. What "made up stories in the bible" did I assert that
> >>>>>>>> require refutation?

> >>>>>>>> See what I mean? You’re ranting whackjob FRZ atheist. You
> >>>>>>>> conjure things up that never happened then demand someone
> >>>>>>>> tear them down. LOL – you’re a fucking nutcase.

> >>>>>>>>>> > Or do you have a concept of syxcewr?
> >>>>>>>>>> > If so, please describe it.

> >>>>>>>>>> And your utter confusion is my problem because?

> >>>>>>>>> Your problem is your brain lack the sufficient evolved
> >>>>>>>>> cells for reasoning. Or your cells got damaged.

> >>>>>>>> So, it’s me ranting about the bible, bigots and things that
> >>>>>>>> don’t exist, not you, yes? And you want reasonable-minded
> >>>people
> >>>>>>>> to believe that, right?

> >>>>>>> I was *hoping* this thread would be about gods *balls*…

> >>>>>>> Yet again I am severely dissapointed.

> >>>>>> Ask Fred about his nutsack.

> >>>>>Freds "nutsack" is Yesterdays News…

> >>>> I’m sure it’s still relevant to Dean

> >>>You know I’m more interested in Big Picture topics…so I never
> >>>understood wtf it was all about with you & Deano.

> >> It started somewhere back in 2004, I believe. Dean thought I was
> >> Kali’s sock.  Dean had been booted from DataBasix for snuh
> >> activities. He refused to believe I was not a sock.  One late
> >> night/early morning he (I hope) mistyped something about chins
> >> slapping my nutsack, implying that it was his chin slapping my
> >> nutsack.  It went downhill from there for Dean.

> >His poasting frenzies were entertaining…to a point.

> >> I almost miss Jason

> >He’s still happily married and living somwhere in lousiana AFAIK.

> Happily? Didn’t his old lady try to stab or shoot him?

Why…we would have been happy if your dead wife had stabbed or shot you first….Fatty P. !!


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Re: "new & improved" blog intro (c&c VERY much appreciated)

"ggamble" <ggasfly @bitter-burnout.net> wrote:
>-hi- <hieronymous…@gmail.com> wrote:

> > Please consider the following body of text,

> No thanks.

Suit yourself, and btw, the invite below isn’t for you… but you’re
welcome to come and spend money, anyhow…

The music of Doo-Nanny… would love to have you join us in the
Shadowville Revue.

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