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180 by Dennis M. Hammes


The bruised alfalfa and the summer moon
Spat once dead in the face; this air designed
For walking, that was all last week sweat-blind,
And I for once without a nagging tune
Conspire at last to nothing.  No time soon,
The sun will raise his armies of the kind,
Whose prancing priests will try to change my mind
So they can change it back before the noon.
  The same moon shines up over, right to left,
Cats grouse, and air elides the boomerang,
Around Woomera as resume this heft
Of loneliness by any other slang —
Loss warps.  Then let that motif be the weft
In any age I sing what the full moon sang.

Dennis M. Hammes


The artist, however faithful to his personal vision of reality, becomes
the last champion of the individual mind and sensibility against an
intrusive society and an officious state

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Mug-Shots and Alibis by Rob Evens

Mug-Shots and Alibis

At your conception, your mother’s
co-conspirator was another person
entirely: younger,  someone who believed
in things, a stranger.  As for what came after:
the food, the clothes, the shelter,
what can I say?  Back then
the tax breaks were so much better.

So what does it prove that you know
all the words to "Liverpool Judies"
and "Go Down You Blood-Red Roses"?
Dozens of fathers sang sea shanties
while bathing their infant sons.

I introduced you to train sets,
chess sets, kites and Texas Hold ‘em
only because I happen to like them.
Ditto Bob Dylan, Ian Dury, Leonard Coen.
OK, I feel a twinge of guilt for Cohen.

I came today because I love Oxford
bookshops so attending your graduation
was quite convenient.  Proud?
Pride would be a sin and I am Innocent.
A degree in jurisprudence and you think
you know it all but your evidence
of love is purely circumstantial.

You can’t pin anything on me.
It’s not as if we’ve anything in common.
You’re young, someone who believes
in things, a stranger.  So just shut up,
drink your champagne and then keep still
while I take another picture.


Rob Evans
Poetry is the needle that pricks your finger.
Everything else is the haystack.

The artist, however faithful to his personal vision of reality, becomes
the last champion of the individual mind and sensibility against an
intrusive society and an officious state

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POETRY SUPER HIGHWAY contest winners announced!

   for winning first through third place in our 12th annual poetry

   You can read their winning entries online by clicking on POETS OF THE
   WEEK from the main Poetry Super Highway menu.

   Thanks also to our 38 sponsors who donated 95 prizes to the contest
   insuring that every paid contest entrant will receive at least one
   prize regardless of their poem’s score!

   A huge extra special thanks to our three contest judges Ellaraine
   Lockie, F.J. Bergmann and and Salvatore Buttaci who diligently scored
   461 poems since the contest began in June to help us arrive at our 3

     Missed the contest announcement on PSH Live?
   Tune in to the archived edition and here several of our top 10 poets
   read their work including our first and third place winner! Click on
   PSH Live from the main PSH menu to hear it.

Issue # 627 – ISSN: 1523-6587

October 5-11, 2009

   this week:

   ~ This week featuring poets from ANDOVER MA, COUNTY DONEGAL IRELAND

   ~ 1 new poetry and writing related link added this week.

     LEHMAN featured this week in the PSH Bookstore.

   ~ PSH LIVE Schedule: Contest Winners Announcement Archived, Open
     Reading November 1st ~ 2:00 pm (pacific)

   ~ Poetry / Writing related Classified Ads.


   ~ This week’s featured poets are the top three scoring poets in the
     2009 Poetry Super Highway Poetry Contest (our 12th annual):


   JIM KNOWLES (Andover Massachusetts) won first place in the 2009
   Poetry Super Highway Poetry Contest.

   SIAN LINDSEY (County Donegal, Ireland) won second place in the 2009
   Poetry Super Highway Poetry Contest.

   BRENDA LEVY TATE (South Ohio, Nova Scotia, Canada) won third place in
   the 2009 Poetry Super Highway Poetry Contest.

   Click on "POETS OF THE WEEK" from the main PSH menu to read their


   Here are all of the new sites added to the Poetry Super Highway’s
   poetry and writing links sections.

   You can find the actual links on the PSH website in the 3 poetry links
   categories. Click on "Add Your Link Here" from the main PSH menu to
   add your poetry/writing website to our directory.


   A quarterly barrage of high-caliber art. In each issue, you’ll
   discover potent new work from some of the most exciting voices in art
   today. With in-depth interviews and regularly updated bios
   accompanying every piece, you’ll also have the opportunity to gain
   fresh perspectives on the creative process and an inside look at the
   personalities redefining art as we know it. Expect the following
   ordnance: poetry, short stories, essays, photography, short film,
   visual art, and music.


   Featured this week in the PSH Bookstore:


   David Wagoner writes about regular lives with plain grace and
   transcendent humanity, and the seventy-five poems he has chosen for
   the 2009 edition of The Best American Poetry grapple with life,
   celebrate freedom, and teem with imaginative energy. With engaging
   notes from the poets, Wagoner’s superb introductory essay, series
   editor David Lehman’s astute foreword about the current state of
   poetry and criticism, and cover art from the beloved poet John
   Ashbery, The Best American Poetry 2009 is a memorable and delightful
   addition to a series dedicated to showcasing the work of poets at
   their best.

   Paperback, 240 Pages, Published by Scribner, (September, 2009)

   ~ If you are or were a featured poet of the week on the Poetry Super
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   Super Highway’s Rick Lupert.

   Recently Archived broadcasts:

   Sunday October 4th, 2009
   We announced the winners of the 2009 Poetry Super Highway Poetry
   Contest in this live broadcast first! A few of our top ten scoring
   poets were on hand to read their poems and the show began with
   comments from all three contest judges. Read the poems online at
   http://PoetrySuperHighway.com/PoetLinks.html and listen to this
   archived broadcast to hear the announcement and some of the top
   scoring poems read live.

   Sunday September 6, 2009
   Ignore the couple of minutes of silence at the beginning of the show
   while I Was realizing my microphone wasn’t properly plugged in and
   enjoy the poetry from Columbus, OH, Newark, NJ, Lake Wells, FL,
   Valley Center, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Sonoma, CA and a new caller from
   Philadelphia, PA.

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   Ninth annual free contest. Fifteen cash prizes totaling $3,600. Top
   prize $1,500. New simplified online entry process. Submit one humor
   poem by April 1 deadline. No entry fee. Winning entries published
   online. Final judge: Jendi Reiter. Sponsored by Winning Writers, one
   of the "101 Best Websites for Writers" (Writer’s Digest, 2005-2009).
   Guidelines and online submission at


   The entry period is 10/1/09 thru 11/15/09 (postmark deadline).
   Cash prizes in (3) line-length categories. Poet’s choice — any
   subject. Open to all.
   Rules available on website: http://www.bayareapoetscoalition.org/
   or request by email: poet…@aol.com or send SASE to BAPC Contest 30,
   POB 11435, Dept. 4, Berkeley, CA 94712


   on the theme of "The Spirit of Nature."

   Postmark Deadline: December 31, 2009. Prize: $50.00 and 25 copies of
   full color cover, perfect-bound chapbook. Fee: $20.00. Final Judge:
   Michal Mahgerefteh. Submit up to 26 pages of poetry, 2 cover sheets,
   one with author info (including e-mail and phone), one with title
   only. SASE for results only. All entrants will receive copy of the
   winning chapbook. Mail to: Poetica Publishing Company, PO Box 11014,
   Norfolk, Virginia 23517. More info at
   http://www.poeticapublishing.com or contact us at poetica…@aol.com


   Call for Entries:
   loves expressing innermost thoughts and feelings into the beautiful
   art of poetry or writing a story that is worth telling everyone!
   Guidelines: (1) Write a poem, thirty lines or fewer on any subject,
   form or style. And/or (2) Write short story five pages maximum,
   single or double line spacing, on any subject or theme, fiction or
   non-fiction. Multiple entries are accepted. (www.dreamquestone.com)
   Postmark deadline: December 31, 2009. Prizes: Writing Contest First
   Prize is $500; Second: $250; Third: $100. Poetry Contest First Prize:
   $250; Second: $125; Third: $50. All contest winners’ works will be
   published online in the Dare to Dream pages, on January 31, 2010.
   Entry fees: $5 per poem, $10 per short story. To send entries by
   mail: Include title of poem(s) or stori(es), name, address, phone#,
   email, brief biographical info. (Tell us a little about yourself) on
   the coversheet; add a self-addressed stamped envelope for entry
   confirmation. Fees payable to: DREAMQUESTONE.COM – Mail to: Dream
   Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest, P.O. Box 3141, Chicago, IL 60654.
   Visit http://www.dreamquestone.com for details and to enter!


   The First Annual WRITE REAL GOOD Poetry Chapbook Contest
   Unlikely Books, the print arm of UnlikelyStories.org, is holding a
   contest to find one chapbook of superior poetry to add to our 2009

   When UnlikelyStories.org was founded in 1998, it was the Web’s only
   regular journal of transgressive literature. In 2004, it expanded
   into a multimedia, eclectic journal of culture, arts, literature, and
   occasional chapbooks. This year, we re ramping up chapbook
   production. Next year, we ll begin publishing anthologies and
   full-length manuscripts.

   The contest s winner will receive publication and 20 free copies,
   additional copies cheap, and a unique marketing campaign including
   audiovisual movie trailers, review copies, and promotion at one of
   the Web s longest-running zines. Oh, and $250 cash. All entrants
   will receive their choice of 2009 Unlikely Books.

   So prepare 20-30 pages of poetry, a $15 entry fee, and head over to
   http://www.unlikelystories.org/ for more information. All manuscripts
   are dueby the new date of Nov. 29th; electronic submissions gladly


   Here at The Free Speech Emporium we will convert your book into an
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   Voices Poets invite you to enter our 20th. Reuben Rose International
   Poetry Contest. Prizes; US$500; US$200; US$100. Entries unlimited;
   send challenging/curious poetry; US$5 per entry; checks to ‘Voices
   Israel’. Deadline: Oct. 7th. Winners announced in Dec.2009. Send 2
   copies, one with contact info. to Voices, P.O.Box 236, Kiriat Ata,
   28101 Israel. Judge. John B. Lee. (Canadian Poetry Association) All
   submissions considered for publication in Voices Anthology 2010.
   See our website: http://www.freewebs.com/voicesisrael/


   Now accepting pre-publication orders for the third editions of
   Instant Poetry(just add words!) and The Green Lantern a Guide for
   Achieving the American Dream

   For complete details send SASE to : skysaje Enterprises: 50 amesbury
   Rd. Rochester, NY 14623 or email to laughi…@yahoo.com with Preorder
   in the subject line


   Corey Mesler, reading from his forthcoming novel, The Ballad of the
   Two Tom Mores, due out in October from Bronx River Press, here on
   youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJXBcaPlmlg


   Call for submissions: 2009 Anita McAndrews Award poetry contest (All
   ages -$2 reading fee per poem. $200 first prize.) 2009 Alexander
   Popoff Youth Award poetry contest (16 and under, no reading fee.)
   Poems must relate to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
   Submission deadline: 11/1/09. For guidelines and more information,
   contact sta…@yahoo.com.


   2009 Concrete Wolf Poetry Chapbook Contest
   Postmark Deadline: November 30, 2009
   Prize: 100 Copies of a perfect-bound chapbook
   Complete guidelines at http://ConcreteWolf.com/


   Prisoner s Dilemma: art and poetry from the Snell sisters
   Cheryl and Janet Snell announce the publication of their new
   collection of art and poetry, inspired by game theory. Prisoner s
   Dilemma won the 2008 Lopside Press Chapbook Competition, and an
   expanded edition of the volume is now available at


   Earth Love and poet Stacy Smith come together in a transatlantic
   poetry competition dedicated to the theme of trees. For details,
   visit one of the following websites:


   PSH Contest Judge Salvatore Buttaci Releases New Book
   For several years now, friends and family have been asking me to
   compile a book of my haiku. I am happy to announce HAIKU ENCOUNTERS,
   my book of 186 haiku for your reading pleasure. If you are
   interesting in downloading a copy of this E-book for only $3.00, go
   to http://greatamericanstoryhouse.com/category/poetry and click on
   HAIKU ENCOUNTERS. If I may say so myself, it is well worth the three


   "Surrealism built on surrealism built on ingenuity built on sheer
   biting wisdom." – Adam Rubinstein, publisher of Destructible Heart

   Indulge your outer child with poetry books and videos by Robert
   Arthur Reeves: http://outerchild.wordpress.com/


   Want a poet in your classroom, library, bookstore, coffeehouse, or
   event? Please visit http://4poetrypeople.blogspot.com/ or email


   "If Beowulf could, he would surely laugh at Johnmichael Simon’s
   sparkling little ode to his literary image…." -Wanda Sue Parrott

   "Phyrrs Hierwals and Bouldergeists" by Johnmichael Simon
   or from amazon.com


   Collaborate through telephone conferences and E-mail with an
   award-winning internationally published poet, college writing
   instructor, and psychotherapist.

   Beginning or experiencedwriters welcome. Most writers published
   if that is one of their goals. (616) 942-7179 or Loschne…@aol.com


   Re)verb is now accepting submissions for issue #6. Please send 3-5
   unpublished poems to R)v Press | Re)verb 11771 Tunstall St. Garden
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   info at http://www.rvpress.net or http:www.myspace.com/rvpress. Hope
   to "hear" from you soon.


   "Hemlock Suicides Planned by Well-Dressed Men in Suits"
   by LB Sedlacek "…a 27 poem collection that deals with the
   harsh realities of city life such as divorce, crimes, murder, etc…."
   – Andrew C. Angus, Muse’s Review


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   "Irreverent and yet somehow deeply empathic, many of the pieces
   showcase Lupert’s Prevert-like instinct for finding the profound in
   the absurd."

                  – Brendan Constantine

   Rick’s second book, originally published in 1997 with all of the
   original selected poems from artwork, introduction and orange-ness,
   along with a newly written "Re-Introduction" and a "bonus material"
   section featuring a selection of 29 additional (sometimes even MORE
   sophomoric) poems from the I Am My Own Orange County ‘era’.


   A Poet’s Haggadah: Passover Through the Eyes of Poets edited by Rick

   36 Poets reinterpret the traditional themes and text of the Passover
   Haggadah through their own unique lenses. Guaranteed to add something
   different to your own seders and a great read! Edited by Los Angeles
   Poet Rick Lupert (Creator of the Poetry Super Highway) Includes work
   from Helen Bar-Lev, Lynne Bronstein, Salvatore Buttaci, Howard
   Camner, Larry Colker, devin davis, Barbara Elovic, Robert Klein
   Engler, David Gershator, Leslie Halpern, Claudia Handler, Daniel Y.
   Harris, Elizabeth Iannaci, Marc Jampole, Rachel Kann, Beth Kanter,
   Peggy Landsman, Michael Levy, Jake Marmer, Ellyn Maybe, Heather
   McNaugher, Daniel Olivas, Judith Pacht, Jaimes Palacio, Jonathan
   Penton, Joan Pond, Lanie Shanzyra P. Rebancos, Richard Schiffman, G.
   David Schwartz, Adam Shechter, Diana Sher, Scott Alixander Sonders,
   Julia Stein, S. Thomas Summers, Pam Ward and Misha Weidman.

   More info and get the book here: http://www.poetseder.com/


Lupert: It’s The Website – & – Poetry Super Highway


Visit the Travel  Super   Highway    for all of your discount
 airfare needs:   http://TravelSuperHighway.com/

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Pushing time; c/c

Pushing time;

Like a twentieth century street vendor hawking wares

 anyone with a price to pay, anyone?

The Century Deluxe;

 ("for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.")

 ’Ah’ they say it happens that way when you forget to pray to God, they
swear he neglects to pray for you swear he lurks just behind the Sun

whispering to the stars only

 what The Thunder Said;

 Thunder riders, thunder rides with lightning eyes and fiery grip

from star-stand valleys to sunset highs.

 Pushing time.


The artist, however faithful to his personal vision of reality, becomes
the last champion of the individual mind and sensibility against an
intrusive society and an officious state

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Dateline Detroit

Dateline Detroit
Associated Press international

God was found dead today; apparently, he drowned in a pool of his own
It would seem he lost his footing whilst making a leap of faith, a tragic
end to such a promising beginning.  World leaders are convening at the
United Nations this evening, they have the unenviable task of choosing a
successor, and America is demanding bugs Bunny
Services are set for the twenty fifth of December at Brown funeral Home
110 first street Detroit Michigan.
  He left no surviving family members


The artist, however faithful to his personal vision of reality, becomes
the last champion of the individual mind and sensibility against an
intrusive society and an officious state

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A poet constrictor:

A poet constrictor:
A large scaly reptile known for its large appetite and
slow digestion.

The human commodity:
 Often-traded on exchanges, bought and
sold as futures, a hedge against the buyer and a boon to the seller, one
mans fate another’s folly the trick is to buy low and sell in volley.

The poet imperial:
Nietzsche fetachine served while hot:
The cheese was ripe, the noodles not!


The artist, however faithful to his personal vision of reality, becomes
the last champion of the individual mind and sensibility against an
intrusive society and an officious state

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Joyce Kilmer 'Pennies "

(For Edward J. Wheeler)

A few long-hoarded pennies in his hand
Behold him stand;
A kilted Hedonist, perplexed and sad.
The joy that once he had,
The first delight of ownership is fled.
He bows his little head.
Ah, cruel Time, to kill
That splendid thrill!

Then in his tear-dimmed eyes
New lights arise.
He drops his treasured pennies on the ground,
They roll and bound
And scattered, rest.
Now with what zest
He runs to find his errant wealth again!

So unto men
Doth God, depriving that He may bestow.
Fame, health and money go,
But that they may, new found, be newly sweet.
Yea, at His feet
Sit, waiting us, to their concealment bid,
All they, our lovers, whom His Love hath hid.

Lo, comfort blooms on pain, and peace on strife,
   And gain on loss.
What is the key to Everlasting Life?
   A blood-stained Cross.

Joyce Kilmer

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"Parted" Alice Meynell


Farewell to one now silenced quite,
Sent out of hearing, out of sight,-
   My friend of friends, whom I shall miss.
   He is not banished, though, for this,-
Nor he, nor sadness, nor delight.

Though I shall talk with him no more,
A low voice sounds upon the shore.
   He must not watch my resting-place,
   But who shall drive a mournful face
From the sad winds about my door?

I shall not hear his voice complain,
But who shall stop the patient rain?
   His tears must not disturb my heart,
   But who shall change the years, and part
The world from every thought of pain?

Although my life is left so dim,
The morning crowns the mountain-rim;
   Joy is not gone from summer skies,
   Nor innocence from children’s eyes,
And all these things are part of him.

He is not banished, for the showers
Yet wake this green warm earth of ours.
   How can the summer but be sweet?
   I shall not have him at my feet,
And yet my feet are on the flowers.

Alice Meynell

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Broderie Anglaise by Michael Cook

Broderie Anglaise

He bounces branch to bough
going nowhere really and in going nowhere
 artfully dodges a falling leaf.
snaps to the sun then back again.
 Eyes that continually scan
a black and white world of man
for the passing chance of a quick meal
or perhaps to catch the fancy
of one who will fancy him

I could ask him, that is to say:
If the branch on which he prances
Is for the moment or just a stage
I raise a call he looks down at me
(or to where I stand)
and I wonder if he wonders
 about this funny thing
this thing called man.

He bounces heel to toe
going nowhere really and in going nowhere
artfully dodges a falling leaf
turns to the sun then back again
 undecided, eyes continually scan
 a colorful land for the
chance offer of a quick meal
or perhaps to catch the fancy
of one who will fancy him

I could ask him, that is to say:
If the land on which he prances
Is for the moment or just a stage
I raise a call he looks up at me
(or to where I am)
and I wonder if he
wonders about this funny thing
this thing called.

Michael Cook

The artist, however faithful to his personal vision of reality, becomes
the last champion of the individual mind and sensibility against an
intrusive society and an officious state

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"A Knight?"

"A Knight?"
"Oh was this it?" said Pooh.  "Could a Bear be one?"
"Of course he could!" said Christopher Robin. "I’ll make you one." And he
took a stick and touched Pooh on the shoulder, and said, "Rise, Sir Pooh De
Bear, most faithful of all my Knights."

with that I’ll crawl back under my rock

The artist, however faithful to his personal vision of reality, becomes
the last champion of the individual mind and sensibility against an
intrusive society and an officious state

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