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Re: Neil Barker writes for The Times

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> MAOgil…@indaal.co.uk wrote:
> > On Apr 10, 3:26 am, Anonymous <cri…@ecn.org> wrote:
> >> "Prostitution isn’t a western import. It’s been around since
> >> before most western countries were even thought of."

> >> – Neil Barker, Photographer, Burton on Trent Burton Mail,
> >> writing in The Times.

> >> http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article2169905.ece

> >> How is Emma coping with all of the competition these days, Neil?

> > I sincerely hope that Neil realises:

> > 1. All his emails are read by the authorities.
> > 2. If he continues snapping pics of bridges, trains, police etc., he
> > will be arrested.
> > 3. He has been logged as a gun freak.
> > 4. If he protests, he wil get the shit beaten out of him by a boy-
> > policeman with no manners. Or worse, by a CPO.

> > I can only pray, for Neil’s sake, that he has no Pakistani friends.
> > However, knowing Neil as I have done for some years, I think this is
> > very unlikely.

> > What *is* likely, however, is that he flips and starts shooting
> > innocent people.

> > The Chief Constable has already been informed of his proclivities,
> > he is being monitored.

> E’ needs won of them ankle-bracelet thingies.
> —
> ah

The authorities are not going to hook you two together, "ah"….

It’s "cruel and unusual" punishment to hook a chap to a "Deco-Slurper"
like yourself, Andrew !!

Increase your "meds" before you become a "Seriel Slurper" !!


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Roz shoves marshmellow easter bunnies in her "twat"…………

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> ah wrote:
> > Gregory Hall wrote:

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> >>>On Sat, 11 Apr 2009 18:46:56 -0400,
> >>>"Gregory Hall" <gregh…@home.fake> wrote:

> >>>[...]

> >>>>"phlat_a se" <phlat_a s…@walkin.dat.deck.invalid> wrote in message
> >>>>news:02j7n452q7d7pp3h1a0co6o788goe17d7v@4ax.com…

> >>>>>Mornin’ all……
> >>>>>Sittin’ here munching on me first chocolattte bilby
> >>>>>this fine easter morn I am thinkin’ "what a fine thing
> >>>>>it would be for the weekend were Admins to open up some
> >>>>>free blocks for bunnies"… thats posting and leeching
> >>>>>rights<g>
> >>>>>Might give some of those wondering a chance to handle a few
> >>>>>bunnies so they can better understand the binary talk
> >>>>>happening in AFN right now???

> >>>>>.an’ chuck..?.. you doing  a great job with that decoder ring
> >>>>>so I reckon you can keep it<s>
> >>>>>And some great posts from the left-handed Vanguard dude :-)

> >>>>>ooRoo

> >>>>>pA (_|_)

> >>>>Then why did you have to schlep into here with your usual drivel
and drek
> >>>>and ruin a good thing?
> >>>>Seems to me it’s a fine day for your like to STFU.

> >>>I hear your world view is clouded with Love.
> >>>So I forgive your miss-hit this fine morn’..
> >>><BFG>

> >>>bye.. fer now..

> >>>pA (_+_)


> > KUNT!

> What happened to your sidekick, Aratzio? He get busted for idiocy?

> :-)

> Uni

Yes…..and he’s in "The Pokey" right now and getting Poked as we


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Ross likes Peter……………..

"Aratzio" <a6ahly…@sneakemail.com> wrote in message

> On Sun, 12 Apr 2009 18:03:54 -0700, in the land of alt.usenet.kooks,
> "blue collar worker" <em…@email.com> got double secret probation for
> writing:

> >"Fritz Wuehler"

<fr…@spamexpire-200904.rodent.frell.theremailer.net> wrote

> >in message
> >news:fef751dc480af843f5d6d449734e5581@msgid.frell.theremailer.net…
> >> We have much to be thankful for, but the world’s dirtiest job
> >> isn’t yet complete.

> >What pray tell is an "AUK"?

> We are the light, the source, the yin and yang that is all.

Thanks for your Ko0ky comments, Ko0k


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Easter Bunny the Karaoke, MP3 and movie


Is it only chocolate and sweets,

candy bunny sugar coco treats.

Rushes and blushes,

fusses and cusses.

Furiously fast furore.

Are we all aboard the aching tooth train,

To whom this time do we give the blame,

waffling , scoffing , crunching, munching,

filling fat tummies past brim is a sin.

Food fornication! Mouth and stomachs not a bin.

Wild, forty days fasting, Jesus had them beat.

Demons and the devil tempted to defeat.

Gods good king not Satan’s puppet on a string.

My Lord wanted nice, not to learn bad things.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Herbs, veges, walnuts, dandelion lemon honey tea, mashed seeds from

No sudden bending in the cold, keep strong supple back,

gentle to hold,

noble straight and bold.

Christ’s love

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Kwannon / Marjorie Pickthall


Kwannon, the Japanese goddess of mercy, is represented with many
hands, typifying generosity and kindness. In one of these hands she is
supposed to hold an axe, wherewith she severs the threads of human

I am the ancient one, the many-handed,
The merciful am I.
Here where the black pine bends above the sea
They bring their gifts to me —
Spoil of the foreshore where the corals lie,
Fishes of ivory, and amber stranded,
And carven beads
Green as the fretted fringes of the weeds.

Age after age, I watch the long sails pass.
Age after age, I see them come once more
Home, as the grey-winged pigeon to the grass,
The white crane to the shore.
Goddess am I of heaven and this small town
Above the beaches brown.
And here the children bring me cakes, and flowers,
And all the strange sea-creatures that they find,
For "She," they say, "the Merciful, is ours,
And she," they say, "is kind."

Camphor and wave-worn sandalwood for burning
They bring to me alone,
Shells that are veined like irises, and those
Curved like the clear bright petals of a rose.
Wherefore an hundredfold again returning
I render them their own —

Full-freighted nets that flash among the foam,
Laughter and love, and gentle eyes at home,
Cool of the night, and the soft air that swells
My silver temple bells.
Winds of the spring, the little flowers that shine
Where the young barley slopes to meet the pine,
Gold of the charlock, guerdon of the rain,
I give to them again.

Yet though the fishing boats return full-laden
Out of the broad blue east,
Under the brown roofs pain is their handmaiden,
And mourning is their feast.
Yea, though my many hands are raised to bless,
I am not strong to give them happiness.

Sorrow comes swiftly as the swallow flying,
O, little lives, that are so quickly done!
Peace is my raiment, mercy is my breath,
I am the gentle one.
When they are tired of sorrow and of sighing
I give them death.

– Marjorie Pickthall

[Original text: Marjorie L. C. Pickthall, The Lamp of Poor Souls and
Other Poems (Toronto: S. B. Gundy, 1916): 121-23. PS 8531 I35L3
Robarts Library.
First publication date: March 1906
Publication date note: Temple Bar (March 1906).]

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A poem called 'When?'


When will it be done, Lord?
When will my hardship be through?
When will I leave this evil world?
When will I come home to you?

I want my nightmare here on Earth
To quickly come to an end
I want to look up to the start through the clouds
and grab hold of your outreached hand.

I want you say….

To read the rest of this poem and several others I have written, after
my near death experience as a passenger in a head on car crash, please
visit  http://waitingtowakeup.com

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Sans Title

"…..and you think that your hackneyed,
shallow, one dimensional homilies
disguised as poems
are the next big thing….."

(You forgot to throw in forgettable, gg.)

No.  I think: they’re a dime a dozen
and that’s on a good day. No. I see
(most of them) as crippled little things,
needing crutches to walk for even a few,
short, feet. Embarrassments, drooling
sentiment, across page after page.
Disappointments. And twice as many
stillborn embryos. Echoes in a minor key.
I know, Gary, believe me, I know.

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The Center Holds With Unattached Action

The fish in the tank
swims an eternity
serenity bleeding with
each fin in a suprising smile

The still point in an objective stillness
it swims freely wheeling
about frozen pedastals
above the sands of time

Beneath the shards
of mirror edges
it seals the frayed days
making whole
through unmoving ways

by belaying concerns to the courses of the clouds
but a balloon
of solitude,
a source,
and T.V. dinner to kitties

Subjugate the rhyme and rawk with the riddim
only got one line to balk all the schizm

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The Bell Tolls For All, Glosa

/pause – for one instant
nothing rings out like a gong
for an instant our heartbeats

and the arrythmia suddenly palls
to a shade blacker
than all

His face caves
his arm pains
then the crickets
creak back in again into his heart

leaving the stillness with a rush of blood
like a balloon pops with sound
he doesn’t die
but the crickets time is short

to evolve
to think
to breath, the master

(glosa of "September Glosa" by George Dance)

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