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Imagist Free Verse Challenge

First, some comments about imagist free verse:

from Mary Kinzie’s A Poet’s Guide to Poetry, pages 340-343

In Chapter 11, in the section entitled "The Fourth Freedom: Imagist Free Verse,

Mary Kinzie writes:

"If biblical free verse, dependant on invocation and catalogue, phrasal
accumulation and texture, admiration and terror, could be condensed into its
minim, that residue would the imagist free-verse poem. This is a poem
necessarily short both in line and in total number of words whose aim is the
turning of a single impression into a perfectly polished verbal expression…The
primary rhythmical device in this fourth type of free verse is the subphrasal
cut–the use of the line break to register both closure and interruption of what
cannot yet be closed.

What makes imagist free verse so admirable–and so difficult is the deceptive
ease of expression alongside the apparent casualness of the lineation."

Ms. Kinzie offers 3 sections of Louise Bogan’s wonderful "After the Persian" of
which I will quote just a few lines:

"I do not wish to know
The depths of your terrible jungle;
From what nest your leopard leaps
Or what sterile lianas are at once your seprents’ disguise and home.

I am the dweller on the temperate threshold,
The strip of corn and vine,
Where all is translucence (the light!),
Liquidity, and the sound of water.
Here the days pass under shade
And the nights have the waxing and the waning moon.
Here the moths take flight at evening;
Here at morning the dove whistles and the pigeons coo.
Here, as night comes on, the fireflies wink and snap
Close to the cool ground,
Shining in a profusion
Celestial or marine.

Here it is never wholly dark bu always wholly green,
And the day stains with what seems to be more than the sun
What may be more than my flesh."

Ms. Kinzie continues: "[Wallace] Stevens, as reticent about the literal
experiences that give his poems vigor as Louise bogan was, displays a rueful,
hectic playfulness and a chronic metaphysical drift that few poets of the
immediate lyric have so effectively combined." She is speaking of Wallace’s
"Fabliau of Florida."


She concludes with these remarks:

"As often as not, poems like Stevens’s evaporate into their own delicacy. It
takes a wise head to limit the use of the form to occasions of the greatest
probability of accuracy, or of greatest need…No other form so readily flies
into pieces as imagist free verse does. But when it is done well, no other form
so perfectly reflects insight into the moments that must pass."


Write an imagist free verse poem. Try to write a new poem before turning to your
own archives.

If you’re unable to write a poem for the challenge, please read and criticque
the poems that hopefully will be posted.



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A Hanger, Poem written for My Autistic son, who now wants so badly to attend Camp Jam in 2010

Here is a link to a fund raiser page for an Autistic boy and his
brother who really want to attend camp jam.  On the updates link it
shows what they have in mind for helping themselves to earn the
money.  A poem written by there mother is also featured here.
http://beam.to/campjam   This page also gives links to Patrick, the 8
year old playing Queensryche’s Silent Lucidity on his acoustic
guitar.  There are also links to CampJam’s web site, so people can see
what an awsome thing this would be for an Autistic boy and his brother
who has not been diagnosed as being Autistic bu still has
developmental concearns.  This is a great story about two little boys,
trying there best to make there wish come true.  Updates are to be at
least once a month so if you like this, I suggest saving it to your
favorites and checking back from time to time.

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black hole blown

Going down the same drain;
Sucked down the same black hole
Makes it apparent to the decrepit Soul
This whole process-
Vacuous, contingent, resting elbows
on a lifeboat floating oblivious
to a Fate waiting a hundred yards,
or so, upstream where a precipice
Splatters raft upon raft into a hungry
Abyss, awesome rainbow on the
Way down No sound,
Empty, Black
No lies, Truth, Nothing-
a feeling of becoming Nothing
instantly, a painting, a Place
Like nothing, non-Reality
Becoming son-reality, like
a Sun being blown out like
a candle at a godless table
for two out there where
the billions equal one bad mothafuka.

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for Karla's serious challenge

i can see
i see a dweeb
it comes to me

i can’t see
no dweeb comes
but the dentist said
i have a bad tooth to

the dweeb sees.
it sees me.
the dentist inside
my mouth pulls.
the tooth comes out
the other side.

*this took me hours to construct.

please go easy.

i’m a sensitive kind of guy.

however, i want to participate.

i just want to be apart of something

thanks in advance for loving me.

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A calendar of open mic events in London


follow my blog for regular poetry updates and news and reviews – the
calendar is on the bottom right hand corner

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S D Rodrian's EPITAPH

NOTE: To those sons-of-bitches who were
hoping this was going to be a death notice:
Screw you. –SDR

        S D Rodrian’s EPITAPH:

"Now He Belongs To The Next Few Days." *

S D Rodrian

All religions are local.
Only science is universal.

* Okay, I know I’m overly hopeful on this.
   But I know a few people who’ll hate my
   guts at least that long.

   And, yes. This is a takeoff on what some
   asshole said when Lincoln died: "Now he
   belongs to the ages." But I’m posting it
   here so no other asshole can claim later
   that he/she thought of it for his/her epitaph
   … Especially since my relatives are witless
   morons all and likely as not will disregard
   my wishes & instead write some trite, "To
   the loving memory of the old bastard…"
   or some such. I know these people.


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Must Read

Usenet the game of limited liability
the snarks and the larks
those that would sing something
disturbing to those that have no grasp of reality
disturbing probably to say the least
railing against the tides of change
trying to spend eternity without having to
accommodate, mediate, compromise
only taking, never giving back for obviously…
the world revolves around them… and their snark…
in movie theatres, in usenet, in email, on web..
like termites they devour the wood that builds houses

If you’d live like a machine
act like an insect

Subjugate the rhyme and rawk with the rhythm
Only got one line to balk all the schizm
with god and laugh, bring all to shocking rose
with rod and staff we walk a rocky road

SteepleJack Beer

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There above is Recorder and flute or if you like the melody to sing
Sheet music to play on the piano.
Below that is the tune on Guitar Tab to easily strum the tune.
Below that is the Karaoke.
And I recomend the free program Karafun to play the tune.
Here is the Poem "Mirror", please enjoy.

Mirror, Mirror, reflection tell.

Is this healthy stealthy well.

Whom I see changes from day to day.

That he stays , keep courage, pray.

Alone, with only a glimpse, reassures.

Study delays, decays remorse.

Others benevolence encourages healing mind,

then quicker to choose clear skin, not fat but thin.

Foods caring blend,

stresses ease let find.

Glasses, ponds, lakes, streams, pools,

Testing if the walks a fools.

No need to limp if knees bend right.

Blood be a lotion to motion, no fight.

On each surface soft ripples glare,

brief respite to check temper short stare.

Should be no ware.

Am sure, certain.. Strong guessing

If narrow concentrated path builds body engine.

Step after step negates breathless resting.

Christ’s love

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Click to watch a Poem on Valentines day.

Feel free to comment

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* Ladies! Gay Videos Huge Slongs Man on Man

Holla http://mmfactor.blogspot.com/2009/01/bartenders-wanted-oasis-is-gay-s…
– watch these amazing videos with man on man action full faCIAls ,
washroom games and inside paul deep collection.

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