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Her Lust is Wiser is now published online

Her Lust is Wiser is a book of verse by Biloxi Andersen and Ziad
Noureddine. It is part of ongoing diaries.

Biloxi is a young Nordic European female. Ziad is a young male from
Bedouin Arab roots. The pieces in this text are placed in England and
are concerned with Ziad and his ruminations between the puritan and the
libertine. In two parts, with the latter being lonesome and monastic.
Discretion is advised; some pieces are profane and could offend.
Comments and corrections are welcome.

It is provided as a PDF file at this link


Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs
2.0 License.

Apologies, thanks and regards.

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a poem by Alexander Pushkin

To Gnedich
(A.S. Pushkin)

With Homer you conversed alone for days and nights;
Our waiting hours were passing slowly.
And shining you came down from the mysterious heights
And brought to us your tables holy.
There, in the wilderness, beneath a tent you found
Us dancing wild in empty gaiety,
Descanting savage songs depravedly around
The newly hand-created deity.
We grew confused, we shunned your lavish majesty;
Then, seized by wrath and desolation –
Did you, good prophet, curse your mindless family
And smash your tables in frustration?
No, you did not curse us.  From heights, you disappear
Into the shade of straitened valleys.
You love the heavens’ crash, but also long to hear
Bees humming over red azaleas…
Such is the honest bard: with passion he laments
At solemn games of Melpomena,
And smiles upon the crowd’s plebeian merriments
And liberties of coarse arena;
Now Rome is calling him, now the majestic Troy,
Now elder Ossian’s craggy gravels,
And in the meantime – he will hear with childish joy
Of Tsar Saltan’s heroic travels.

Translated by Genia Gurarie

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another morning's broadcast

   wet spots
   on the side street’s
   dusty road bed pool red
   around metal twists and bodies.
   more dead.


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–They got you with…–

–They got you with…–

Shameless hustle
enduring comedy
smile faced monsters
taunting misguided concerns.

by: bhagwandave ©2006

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Re: Submit your tripe!

The Ultimate Poet wrote:

> How ’bout a whole web site that’s already full of’em?

> http://scrawlmark.org

Only if it is yours. Because the tripe may be copyrighted.

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A very tender poem I penned for the special women in my life

I took the axe off the shelf in the tool shed
It’s telling me I gotta fuckin bloody the misled
My victim approached
Cut her head off at the throat
She was a hooker with AIDS
Spreading disease like it was dope
Cut the head off her pimp
Before he started to trash talk
Two bodies in my trunk and police on a manhunt
I’m on the noose again
They chasing me for blocks
Seen a homie on the street
So I passed the axe to Madrox

I took the axe back to the shed where I stay
Cleaned off the blood and then sharpened up the blade
Waited ’til dark and then ran through the hood
And chopped up drunk bums like they’re blocks of wood
I can’t see myself stopping and if I do then I’m dead
And the only way I’m dying is if I sever my own head
Grip on the tip, so my nub won’t slip
And I’m about to fuckin’ pass it to the hands of 2 Dope bitch

I took the axe
Perhaps I had a relapse
I seen a pretty pretty neck
And I couldn’t relax
I cut through it
I throw knives with precision
But it’s nothing like the feeling
Of committing the incision
Flip it over, a radio program
I pound his head into a bloody pizza
With the hammer
Threw it into the sky and let it stick in my back
And passed out at Monoxide’s front porch like that.


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A Scoundrel's SatMap


Perhaps in the center of the map.

Abdara Road runs N & S. University Road runs diagonally at upper left.
The heart of University Town in Peshawar, Pakistan. Peshawar University
and Islamia College are to the West less than a mile away.

A single, and then a group of residences within this frame was once
known as "Beit-al-Ansar" or The House of the Companions (Companions,
meaning /religious/ companions; companions of Mohammed in spirit or in
poetic fact).

Sometime after 1984, a guest house, and later the whole compound of
residences would be named "al-Qaeda," correctly pronounced
el-KAW-ee-deh. This was "the Base" where many of the young Arab
Mujahideen would come from all over the Middle East to join the fight
of the Afghanis against the Soviet invaders, or "the Great Satan."

A computer register or log was kept of all the men who came and went
through here. The leader, a certain Abu Abdullah, had ordered the
records kept when he began receiving concerned phone calls from
relatives and parents inquiring about their children. It seems these
young men had told their families they were leaving to join Abu
Abdullah and the great Jihad in Afghanistan, never to be seen again.

Abdullah was reportedly embarrassed that he couldn’t tell these parents
the whereabouts of these boys who had come to see him–neither when or
if they had arrived, nor when they might have left for the fight in
Afghanistan. From then on, detailed records where kept of the jihadis
who’d passed through there.

In the early 90′s, the CIA confiscated a computer disk from the
compound. The file on the disk was named "al-Qaeda," and it was,
indeed, a copy of this register.

Hence the now famous nickname.

But to the jihadis, the organization was always called "Abu Abdullah
Contracting Company."

And this is the birthplace of that group.

I think there must be poetry in there somewhere.

Neo D’Artagnan

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Re: Kerouac & Ginsberg, New York street footage

- — -

Dave Moore wrote:
> Some rare video footage of Kerouac, Ginsberg, Lucien Carr, and others, in
> the streets of New York, summer 1959:

> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSuZWe2zlOA

> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVudOyBv4Es

> Can anyone lip-read?

> I’d also be interested to know if anyone can put names to any of the unknown
> faces.

> > Thanks for that, Dave. Didn’t some of that turn up in ‘The Source’?

> Yes, Peter, some brief sections have been used in ‘The Source’ and other
> documentaries, but this is the first time that the complete 5-minute version
> has been made generally available, as far as I’m aware.

> > They’ve also got a complete copy of ‘Pull My Daisy’ there, ripped from
> > RAI3 so complete with Italian subtitles. I last saw that at a show at
> > King’s Cross, where it was introduced by David Amram. Carolyn Cassady
> > was there too. I’d forgotten how much I liked the opening song. Do you
> > know who sang it?

> The singer was Anita Ellis, with David Amram providing the music.

Yeah, I was very impressed with the song also… YouTube is a beautiful
thing, and great to see the almost unlimited variety of rare stuff.

"Ozone Stigmata" by Will Dockery

The Ride (Combat Zone) by Shadowville All-Stars
Video by Janis Petersen:

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another evening's prayer

    by the silence
    of stoic men returned
    from fierce battles, the women lock
    their doors.


   ~ Beau Blue Presents ~  <> http://members.cruzio.com/~jjwebb
 Bill Minor * Robert Sward <>        Internet Broadsides  
   Morton Marcus * Renay   <>    Contemporary American Poetry
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Re: Fireweed

- — -

Vera wrote:
> Rob "Mush-Mouth" Evans wrote

> > >> > Terrorism?

> > >> > What about the fireweed threat?

> > >> > One landowner was fined after an inspector found four
> > >> > plants on his property while carpets are spreading
> > >> > over my 15 acres!

> > >> > Seems to be an epidemic our way. My store’s stock
> > >> > of weed poison has run out. I prepaid for 5 litres
> > >> > of this line, hoping that the promised delivery will
> > >> > eventuate.

> > >> > Well-fed herbivorous do not eat fireweed, but the
> > >> > starving will. If it doesn’t kill them, they become addicted.

> > >> > Bees love it, hum happily as they gather the pollen for
> > >> > producing honey.

> > >> > What about when drug addicts catch on? Can you imagine
> > >> > them lining up for their jars?

> > >> > A dismal prospect!

> > >> Certainly a dismal poem.

> > >> Or did you think this was an agricultural forum?

> > >> HINT: in a literacy-based forum it would be "herbivores" rather
> > >> "herbivorous".
> > >> Rob

> > >Or perhaps "herbibores"?

> > Herbibore: someone with the I.Q. of a vegetable who can’t use words
> > correctly but drones on off-topic anyway?

> > Could be.

>  Well put, turnip-mouth!

Heh… so /that’s/ what he has shoved in there!

"Hasty Pudding" by Will Dockery-Henry Conley

TAS, featuring the song "Fadeaway Encounter", written by

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