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Poetic dictation

Dear All,

I would be very interested to hear if anyone knows of any poets who
were inspired by angels.

Thank you.


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Hey Karla, put up or shut up

You’re on the hook for your allegations, fat bitch.

You have this weekend to recant.

Monday I find a lawyer.

You accused me of  having a pedophilic website.


Which makes you a libelous idiot.

AJ – http://clitin.com
     (the biggest clit in pornetry)
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Re: "Docker Wills" by Twin Mirrors

The Ultimate Poet wrote:
> On 2006-04-08 Dennis Hammes said:

>    > That’s the response, you cocksucking illiterate.

> Although you claim to be a person who "loves language," your
> Usenet posts are about as predictable, unimaginative and foul
> as your "poetry."

> Why /is/ that, Hammus?

Which is fouler, the sucking of the smallest pricks you can manage to
find, or a notice of the fact?
   The notice has been around for millenia.
   "Kissing frogs into Princes."
   (That’s a "literary reference," son.)
   What remains so amusing about the ongoing Relationships is that
the Little Ones you fondle /can’t/ pretend for you that you’re a man.
   And those who can, won’t.
   Is an /equation/ beginning to emerge here for ya, little boi?

They’re merely an accurate description of you.
   Who are as predictable, unimaginative, and foul as your
grade-school prose.
   Your Mommy seD you were a Good Little Boi, and paid servants and
priests to tell you that you could expect Gold Stars every time your
mouth flew open.
   Or was that a manhood-fondle in the absence of a refrigerator magnet?
   Mammon (f.I-E. /ama-ama-on/, "same-same-[neuternoun]"):  "those
who do the same thing at the same time."
   The circlesu… ah, fagg… ah, "congregation."
   We see, routinely, that you certainly know how to "make friends
among mammon."
   And we obverve in real time (once again) that "no one can serve
both God and mammon."
   (Those’re "literary references," son.)
   I guess your darling JEEZuss was being predictable and foul for
noticing this.
   I guess that’s why you strung him up.
   Well, he wasn’t a christ.
   I am.
   "It’s a common condition, something you find around the community."

/Pro bono/ is an old Latin phrase meaning
  "You can’t abolish it by refusing to pay for it."

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I see blankverse still can’t find a newsgroup devoted to a subject he
knows anything about.


I can see why you’d want to continuously morph your posting handle.

Poor you.

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Your Wildest Dreams

Some more birds, to the tune of Moody Blues:


Does this work?
It is encoded such that a smaller window is probably best.

AJ – http://clitin.com
     (the biggest clit in pornetry)
Sat.Map: http://tinyurl.com/cjo5b

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You've Made Your Bed

          You’ve Made Your Bed

You’ve made your bed, now go ahead and lie in it,
And I don’t care if you changed the sheets,
For no linen can conceal your lying,
It’s all about your destructive deeds.

It matters not — the one who sleeps beside you —
For in your linen there’ve been many more —
With no conscience or remorse to guide you —
You acted like it’s nothing to deplore.

And I don’t need your childish accusations
Or all the things you claim were done to you,
For there is no real justification
For treating others in the way you do.

So go on, put on your smile and makeup
And tell some others how great they are,
For you’ve always been a lovely faker,
While leaving others with long-lasting scars.

                                      April 10, 2006
                                    –Alexander Shaumyan


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I never expected understanding, nor do I seek such levity, as to be
pious enough to believe…in your mundane deities or leaders.

When you die,  you are dead,  when we die,  we are reborn,  when we
shift power, you conform,  when we level an edict, you respond,  when I
die I’ll have no guilt, when you die you’ll be judged.

I am neither sane or insane,  you choose to live within guidelines,
ideology,  idolatry,  pop culture and falsity.  You, the world,  lie,
while we only speak truth, painless or painful…soft or harsh….

I have only one life to live, at a time,  this planet, is merely a
mirror of thousands of alike orbs floating around other medium sized
stars…why is it that you are egotistical enough to believe you are
all there is to this universes, among trillions of other universes…

We are all just impulse, electricity, some of us are static,  when we
die,  that electrcity weighs one half once, some of you call it a soul,
 it departs,  back to what you call heaven,  to the clouds,  back into
positive and negatively charged particles….

Your scientists, politicians,  great thinkers….why do they nestle
their thought in boxes?  Why does mankind,  put in peril their very
existence with war,  greed and spite?

There are many here among us, who have no defined age,  or identity,
as this orb is about to embark upon another revolution….mankind has
been he dominant species for 100,000 yrs….before that the reptilian,
then the dino,  before that the insects, before that this was an ocean
planet…the dolphin, the whale, the shark are from the creators realm,
 we are castaways from other planets,  this tiny oasis Earth.

No man, is of this Earth, we are all implants here, by a creator, more
than likely a star traveler, or band of such…..but now, in a clash of
civilizations,  between East and West, we are all in peril,  for
Andromeda,  those of our ancients,  can not get to us now,  Neptune, is
still an ocean planet,  Mars, is our original first settlement site, we
doomed that and the atmosphere by deforestation and consuming the water
supply, and starting the water wars,  3 of them in total…..

Can you see the correlation….we are beginning world war III,  these
are the same forces and races that had begun or escape from there, to
here,  and the migration from Andromeda, that too was due to ideology,
war, thirst and famine…..we are the invaders,  the to astronauts
carved in stone or wood by Egyptian, Aztec, and native peoples children
throughout millennia….

Are we Gods?  Who is God?  Who is our creator?  We cannot come from
utter nothingness….every code has a writer, every natural living
thing has a beginning or flowering….

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Afghans: Death to Christians! Iraqis: Death To America!

Afghans: Death to Christians! Iraqis: Death To America!

   from the AP: March 28’06 KABUL Afghanistan:

   On Monday, hundreds of clerics, students and others
   chanting "Death to Christians!" marched through the
   northern Afghan city of Mazar-e-Sharif to protest
   the court decision Sunday to dismiss the case [of
   an Afghan man who had faced the death penalty for
   converting from Islam to Christianity]. Several
   Muslim clerics threatened to incite Afghans
   to kill Rahman if he is freed, saying that he is
   clearly guilty of apostasy and deserves to die.

   "Abdul Rahman must be killed. Islam demands it,"
   said senior Cleric Faiez Mohammed, from the nearby
   northern city of Kunduz. "The Christian foreigners
   occupying Afghanistan are attacking our religion."

What is this mindless need George Bush and others have
to "help" these Islamic countries?!? The only thing
we’re doing there is "helping" one set of butchers
against another set of butchers. Is THAT really worth
all the efforts and sacrifices the West has made?!

It is one thing to punish Saddam Hussein/Taliban for
their attacks against Western interests. It’s
something else entirely to believe (if anyone really
does) that one can turn religious fanatics & lifelong
cult members into secular humanists. Wake up!

It’s not a question of Muslims (even the Muslims
living in the West) simply not "liking" Christians and
Westerners in general—it is the fact that no
Christian or Westerner can walk through ANY Muslim
society without being in constant mortal fear for his
life from every manner/shape/form of ordinary Muslim.
The only Christians/Westerners who can do this are
those who are under the "protection" of some
horrifically vile/powerful warlord or dictator making
money from some business arragement with the West.

[Abdul Rahman was freed only because all the king’s
horses and all the king’s men of the West pressured
the beggars who run the Afghan government.]

Yes, they have oil. Buy the damn oil. Or better yet
just take it … which most Muslims would understand
and respect, as their religious doctrine is one of
"those who can steal/kill: do it! God will bless you."

But to try to promote the shameful lie that Islamic
countries can become civilized democracies is one of
the greatest crimes ever yet perpetrated against
Western civilization. And to this day I still do not
know if it’s done out of ignorance… or sheer, foul
perniciousness [not even "secular" Turkey has yet
managed to get Islam out of its public/civic affairs].

The West should get out of Iraq/Afghanistan NOW and
deal with whatever the most single-minded butchers win
out in the end there: Such butchers will win there
whether Westerners are pointlessly dying there or
watching the Dark Ages horrors there on their TVs.

S D Rodrian

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roboT <<



* poulS plus
* http://poesieville.fun.to

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poetry for yr head…


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