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Re: this place hasn't changed at all…

the messenjah wrote:
> same old shit. different day. heh…

same flies

P.S. I had a threesome with Renay and Marg

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My favorite Doors song

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is still alive
Ooooogh – sssssh
I slept with her last night
Come out from behind
that false mustache, Adolf
I know your’re in there
ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
You favor life
He sides with Death
I straddle the fence
and my balls hurt

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i d i o t i c a c q u i s i t i o n

idiotic acquisition

Tex Lester and his thrifty sidekick Lumpy Bascom
slid down the arroyo on their bellies
the peyotero drove a hard bargain
and they dipping into a trouble spot
too hot to touch so they tap danced
Lumpy said hey my turn to program goddammit
Tex said OK Lumpy said here goes
your eyelids are turning transparent
every lock has a key but some are kinda rusty
it was an irreducable problem with the
shrieking delusion maintenance division
scabrous lepers heated the stones
the Borneo scrotum man walked down mainstreet
as transsisyphysian as it gets
chanting we are children of blackness
children of the mocking scythe
nothin so precious as a mind
subverting its own psychosis nothing so dangerous
clonked his noggin on the faucet
in a messy near suicide
he heard running water again
and Count Lugosi’s Tambourine Orchestra
played a real slow Slidewhistle Tango
what makes potential seem real
who can have infinite protection
working yourself to exhaustion can help
if you are an original sin Catholic
it has been 7 seconds since my last confession
delusions of the infant cradle
held to the sky in blessing
but the fields always droop and wither
and we have the rest of our lives
which can be weighty without a game
the general is under attack
by an army of particulars
bringing the guilty to the book
when they go apoplectic it usually means
there’s a turd in the butter dish
so grab life by the ass and go for the what
the Queen as life’s analog of the Virgin Mary
offered her body to the aforementioned lepers
and entered heaven in a bent Bently
immediately set up a tea party
and the rebels aroused themselves
as her personal representative to the hip
Elizabeth’s breath speeds ships
no keener mortal praise exists
except for her blind biographers
and her company of war chariots
a balm for the paranoid shakes
our task is to mend civilization
without getting our balls cut off
but at my age it’s an empty threat
you don’t see many geriatric suicide bombers
in the ranks of the peppy left
where suicide is an unendingly fresh fetish
a relic from grandma’s day
where tradition was not the joke
it is today unless it is a
tradition of discovery

walter alter    artist – wiseguy – savant
PORTFOLIO: http://infojockey.tripod.com/
POETRY: http://infojockey.tripod.com/poetry.htm
PSYOPS: www.fortunecity.com/victorian/mill/1189

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Re: Half-baked theories only, please

- — -

Raving Loonie wrote:
> Double-A wrote:
> > Raving Loonie wrote:
> > > Earl Dombroski wrote:
> > > > Damn Baby!

> > Wasn’t ACME an old Sears brand name, before Disney took it over?
> It occurs to me, Double-A that it’s really easy to bugger up the auk
> retards silly games.

> We simply push for every conceivable nomination,  cross post EVERYTHING
> into auk and afab. Fill them with their own bullshit and more

> :>

> To be variously crosssposted …

> Raving Loonie
> > Double-A

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Contemporary Writers of Poland

I always wanted to show Polish literature to the World. Especially,
contemporary writers, living in Poland. These Poets had never traveled
abroad, never had been presented in English.  The anthology, Polish
Contemporary Writers, is now ready for purchase from
http://www.lulu.com/content/167702, free electronic version you can get
from the "preview" or the free poetry part from
This presentation of Polish poetry, for the first time ever in English,
is now available.  There are also some poets with Polish background
living in the U.S. – famous…

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The Dawn of the New Beginning

The Dawn of the New Beginning

                 for Teresa

This is the dawn of the new beginning,
Where everything seems in a state of flux
With new opportunities stirring and spinning–
The time for restoring my faith in love.

Where am I going? What am I doing?
Where have I been and what have I done?
I’m just going where the trouble is brewing,
I’m just going to have me some fun.

Time goes by and there are no answers,
As I consider the old and the new,
Falling sometimes, while others are dancing,
Screaming at them: "What’s the matter with you?!"

Little by little the student turns master,
Little by little the master gives way–
With every blessing comes a disaster,
With every disaster come better days.

Torn from the womb and tossed to a fro
By unpredictable destiny’s whims,
Always uncertain as to where I should go,
I dive in the water, learning to swim.

Thinking of everything that I was given–
The gift of the word, the gift of the mind–
All is forgotten and all is forgiven,
And still I love you–this I cannot deny.

Everything changes, nothing’s for sure,
Torn between moments of sadness and joy,
Yet there is love of the heart that is pure
In this brief time we are left to enjoy.

This is the dawn of the new beginning,
Where everything seems in a state of flux
With new opportunities stirring and spinning–
The time for restoring my faith in love.

                                            November 17, 2005
                                         –Alexander Shaumyan


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SHOW US YOUR TITS AMANDA! was Re: Blah dee blah.

Amander wrote:
> Don’t you folk ever talk about poetry anymore?

> I miss the old crazies fighting over bad lines and literary theory.
> (And fuck if my cult of Amanda didn’t dissolve in the 1999? I suppose
> that serves me right, I did skiddaddle. )

As the newly retired AUK vote wrangler I will have much more time to
dedicate to scouring the cesspool known as rec.arts.poems. You will be
seeing a lot of this Peter in the near future.

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"Caught in a Silver Web" – work in progress please comment

Hello, I’m new to the group and am posting my first "poem".  I would
appreciate any constructive comments and feedback from the group.
Thank you in advance for your time reading and giving comments.  (You
will note that there are no capitals, fullstops, comma’s!  This is the
style I am wishing to write this piece in so am aware of that!).

"Caught in a Silver Web"

Part I

she’s there
she’s wrapped
in a silver mood
in a crochet web
of solitude

she’s silent
she’s watching
with a deathly gaze
her prey

she’s cold
she’s alone
abandoned by her mother
at the age of fourteen
she’s lost

she’s within
a twenty year old’s
widows web

Part II

long black hair
cheeks blushed pink
on pale skin
a face ready for war
her thick lashes
coated twice
mascara armour
emphasise sad loss
in blue eyes
hardened to the crowd
mourners consoling her
with their guilt
no one really cared but him
a Father was laid to rest today
she told me he never knew

Part III

"fifty pounds to suck cock"
she said it was to pay her rent

I wept that night
after the first time
on her behalf

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New Thread Without Eyesore Subject Title

Dennis M. Hammes said:

- — -

> Stupid No-Balls Will Dockery wrote:

> > [ Snipped. Why not? He's really not worth reading. ]

> The Ballad of Willie One-Nut

> Little Willie had a Mom,
>    But Will would never mind her;
> Will was thinking of his Tom,
>    And sat on the meat grinder.

> He thought of those he’d like to ball,
>    When he began to jerk,
> And squeal and squall, but that was all
>    The will put in his work.

The Ballad of Willie No-Nuts

Little Willie had a thumb
   constantly stuck in his ass.
Any time he’d have a thought,
   he’d pull it n’ POP! piss gas.

Many looked at him so queer,
   but Willie said "It’s okay,
reaching through my legs to rear,
   I’ve no nuts to block my way."


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Answering An Extremely Stupid Question

Stupid No-Balls Will Dockery asked:

> So are you and Dink relatives, Cat?

Instead of constantly wasting your time asking
extremely stupid questions, you really should
spend your time finding some balls, No-Balls.


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