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thanks for letting me drink from your used condom Rusty Waters



Rusty tastes like salty pepperoni Yeeeeee Haw!


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Chuck's sister [poem]

her skirt was a bound periodical
until I saw her leaning over the circulation desk
my swollen ISBN violated her slick library of congress
while twisting her nipples like microfiche
she screamed Chuck’s name

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EVERY Chord, Scale and Mode for GUITAR.. Literally!!

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In the process of teaching myself guitar,  I wanted a guide that just had
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See a free sample at:



Good luck and God Bless!

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(Chicago, August 1968; Washington DC,
January 20, 2005)

How simple the world of that past forgiven
when marching through Georgia or dancing
from the highest mountain made life true

I watched the thousands evaporate with slight
peculiar motions. In Phoenix Park the air stopped
outside the classic hotel the streets were broken
with sighs and the air filtered with grass lisped
into a dangerous melodrama as compared
to buildings collapsing and jumpers leaping
from fire and roof while we pray for relief
by dangling our hands in pools of daily blood.

How innocent we line up behind the Gestapo
like State Police along Constitution Avenue
on Inauguration Day. Sharp uniforms and plush
buttons pushed as lapel tacks signal pure
and not as pure. Has anyone asked why?

Have we lived so dirty that we need storm
troopers in ordinary space for darker nouns
as we assemble we become petrified wood
as words that faulty liar of a speech prepared
like a Hollywood film with as many production
assistants as a 20 minute porno loop bedazzled.

Commentators monitor for each other
minimizing the substance of 20 new coffins
shipped home from this day from Iraq
by way of the President elected to protect
indulgence as a sacrifice and sacrament.

Can death be made so lucrative that we fold
up our tents after the speech and make certain
that paper signs signifying protest are held
up only so far for the multitudes to read?
How we lie as political nouns and verbs
disappear to be replaced by articles of faith
and the promise by the President that he
will return to Texas eight years late.

So much is old in photographs taken
by news hounds and DW Griffith. Does
"Birth of a Nation" recede like linear perspective?

Does it reappear never having actually vanished
in the unknown algebra of our invisible universe
where dark matter waits at the edge of the visible.

If we cannot measure the nature and principles
of dark matter how can go to war in Iraq for lies
repeated as truth no matter how grievous
the loss on World Street New York
where the buildings taken down
by madmen gave birth to that
anti-nation led into slavery by grief
and guilt and the misery of witness.

(c) 2005 Sean Farragher

http://seanfarragher.com     poetry
http://byzantium2001.com    Long Poem in Progress on 9-11
http://taximurders.com    hypertext on serial murder

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The Anarchy of Modernity

The Anarchy of Modernity
by Sean Farragher

The Anarchy of Modernity

Today ends in the everyday moat
where the dead infants face appears
at the roll of the log where woods
and the slight of blue flowers
on Spring signify purity.

Now, October-brown, flowers, children
crocus sleep humble before
their swim up the crevasse.

Nature is befuddled by characters
it cannot protect, escape, sail and weep.

One fellow appears as a courtesy
of "Virtual Life, Inc., and would waste mistakes
simply to end the conflict that must end
or not end as the soldiers dream
hypnotic spoils from Punch and Judy show
Who are the anarchists?

Another boss, as they said in old cannery days,
would add rotten fish to the day’s production
and without evidence claim the winning 65 million
lottery ticket to save the poor from the rich

The last elected President counts his bar change.
Today begins on a cold January night when
suddenly in the middle of breath, light stops.

Who are the terrorists?

(c) 2005 Sean Farragher

http://seanfarragher.com     poetry
http://byzantium2001.com    Long Poem in Progress on 9-11
http://taximurders.com    hypertext on serial murder

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Re: My Site is Down For a Short TIme

"Russell B. Waters" <russell.wat…@gmail.com> wrote in message

> My site is down (rbwaters.com) pending some exciting new changes.

You get TOSsed again, Rusty?

> The biggest change is I am hosting it at a paid hosting place so visitors
> don’t get all the popups and crap.

Ah.  That’ll make it even more fun when it finally gets yanked for abuse

> But, it’s waiting for the server propagation and then it’ll be a coming
> page.

Enough with your bullshit, liar.

> After that I will upload and even add some stuff.
> IOW the changes are for the better, and it’ll only be down temporarily.
> Yours,
> Rusty
> www.rbwaters.com (<~~~~ 404 for the moment)

With your poor web skills, it may as well be considered 404 on a permanent

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Re: Pizza Roma: rave reviews

"Will Dockery" <opb…@yahoo.com> wrote in message


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> Russell B. Waters wrote:
> > Good deal, nice to see the place you work given such rave reviews,
> isn’t it,
> > Will?
> > I won’t mention the name of where I work but we have a wide menu like
> Pizza
> > Roma (including Salads, Wings, Pasta, Ice Cream, etc.) and our food
> is very
> > good also.
> > If I see anything about where I work I’ll share it (but I’ll snip the
> name).
> > Rusty
> > www.rbwaters.com

> I think I remember you’re now working for a "mom & pop" type pizzaria
> now, rather than one of the "big three", right?

> The small places are really the best, for *real* pizza. A Pizza Roma
> everything is home-made style, and Ben guards the formula for his sauce
> closely… nobody, not even Pasko, knows the secret.
> Will

The secret is that Amber won’t blow you until you compliment her on her

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Re: My local government needs to find something better to do.

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sophie wrote:
> I’m replying to Peter J Ross. At Peter J Ross <gad…@NOSPAMmeow.org>.

>> On Wednesday 26 January, Starshine Moonbeam wrote in alt.usenet.kooks:

>>> In article <MPG.1c61ad79ed6633e2989…@news-60.giganews.com>, Barbara’s
>>> Cat (c…@ dropped a +5 bundle of words…

>>>> In article <MPG.1c619249e1474f7f989…@news.alt.net>,
>>>> Starshine Moonbeam <silverbe…@tacoshells.com> said:

>>>> > In article
>>>> <1106742534.846459.162…@f14g2000cwb.googlegroups.com>, the
>>>> > messenjah (chucklysa…@musician.org) dropped a +5 bundle of words…

>>>> > > Fred Hall wrote:
>>>> > > > On Wed, 26 Jan 2005 00:11:26 -0600, Starshine Moonbeam
>>>> > > > <silverbe…@tacoshells.com> wrote:

>>>> > > > >In article <ct79qa$boq…@oliveloaf.databasix.com>, Fred Hall
>>>> > > > >(fkh…@databasix.com) dropped a +5 bundle of words…

>>>> > > > >> On 25 Jan 2005 21:12:20 -0800, "the messenjah"
>>>> > > > >> <chucklysa…@musician.org> wrote:

>>>> > > > >> >Starshine Moonbeam wrote:
>>>> > > > >> >> In article
>>>> > > <1106652466.689427.234…@f14g2000cwb.googlegroups.com>,
>>>> > > > >> >the
>>>> > > > >> >> messenjah (theguyontheb…@veryfast.biz) dropped a +5
>>>> bundle of
>>>> > > > >> >words…

>>>> > > > >> >> > Peter J Ross wrote:
>>>> > > > >> >> > > On Monday 24 January, Aratzio wrote in
>>>> alt.usenet.kooks:

>>>> > > > >> >> > > > On Mon, 24 Jan 2005 14:29:52 -0600, Starshine
>>>> Moonbeam
>>>> > > > >> >> > > > <silverbe…@tacoshells.com> transparently proposed:

>>>> > > > >> >> > > >>http://www.channel3000.com/news/4122918/detail.html

>>>> > > > >> >> > > > You are in Wisconsin, MOVE. Until you can MOVE, start
>>>> > > drinking
>>>> > > > >> >> > > > heavily, it will help.

>>>> > > > >> >> > > Could be worse. Could be Jacksonville, FL.

>>>> > > > >> >> > Yeah, nothing going on here…

>>>> > > > >> >> > http://www.superbowl.com/

>>>> > > > >> >> That’ll make for good scrounging. Enjoy the walked-on
>>>> nachos
>>>> > > and
>>>> > > > >> >stale
>>>> > > > >> >> popcorn, you lucky little bum you.

>>>> > > > >> >Fuck off.

>>>> > > > >> What happened to 5 am comes early.  Is your blog a lie?  Did I
>>>> > > even
>>>> > > > >> have to ask?

>>>> > > > >He better be snarfing them nachos before 5 am. The birds’ll
>>>> get ‘em
>>>> > > all
>>>> > > > >if he doesn’t.

>>>> > > > Especially true as he lives on the coast.  You Yankees have
>>>> got crows
>>>> > > > to take care of the garbage, but Chuckkkles has to worry about
>>>> crows
>>>> > > > and gulls. It’s a wonder he doesn’t starve to death.

>>>> > > Funny you should mention starving… I’m having Eggs Benedict.
>>>> And I
>>>> > > made my own hollandaise sauce from scratch.

>>>> > <Translation>

>>>> > I jerked off on my eggs today.

>>>> > </Translation>

>>>> > > It is really good on
>>>> > > steamed asparagus, and broiled fish.

>>>> > What is it with you and asparagus and broiled fish. You eat that like
>>>> > every day, according to the weblie…er…blog.

>>>> It could have something to do with him diving
>>>> the same old Dumpsters every day.

>>> You can’t spell upchuck without ‘chuck’.

>> You can’t spell Lysaght without ‘sag’.

> You can’t pronounce it without ‘gag’.

> a poor thing, but mine own.


I’ve missed you. Were you still interested in Eric’s concert photos of
Billy Bragg? Let me know and Eric will print you up one.


Joy Yourcenar
Mythologies: www.evolvingbeauty.com/myth
icon/graphy: www.evolvingbeauty.com/icon

The truth is for most language is a sort of chicken wire,
  a device to domesticate our responses. Poetry – and thus
  the careful use and love of language – is the main weapon
  in our war against absorption. And all the "rules" really do
come down to  invocations of earthly grace, and there is
a reason that invocations are ritualistic and repetitive:
it takes a lot of talking to get the world’s attention.
So we rhyme, and pun, and dance. But these aren’t rules
so  much as opportunities.
   ~The Pernicious Enigma known as Dale Houstman~

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Cold Wind (Revised)

                   Cold Wind

 Mary called.  The rabbit died.
 She was too upset, she said.
 So the boy rolled over and lit a cigarette
 And promised her he’d be there in a while.
 The apartment floor chilled his feet
 As he tight-roped to the shower.
 The sun was up but it wasn’t late.  He dressed
 And tucked a dollar into his pocket.

 It was winter and his mind withdrew
 With other things, less important then.
 Perhaps if it were summer it would have been
 Different, but the crisp morning wind snapped him
 Straight up and slapped him
 Onto the sidewalk. Cut right through his jacket.
 It was a long walk,
 And it felt like death with every step.

 They spoke in hushed voices like conspirators,
 As this was as they had always played:
 Pretending they were something else,
 Believing they would seem older, more mature,
 More loving, more passionate, more experienced,
 More enticing than they really were.
 Perhaps it was only a mumble,
 But it reassured them.

 With dimes and quarters and
 Some borrowed baggage, a good friend’s name
 Back Bay they came.  He held her arm
 And walked her down sad alleys.
 She smiled and seemed so brave.  It was new,
 She said, and she loved new things.
 A bus station and an age away
 The arrangements were made.

 But it was the hemorrhaging, the doctor would plead,
 The hemorrhaging that did not stop,
 That conspired with fate, and a young girl struggled
 For a final gasp on a bloodied bench.
 The boy saw the frigid chill in her ice blue eyes,
 And the doctor nervously wrung his insensitive fingers dry.
 The trick was played.  The game was over.
 And outside the cold wind would wait.


I’ve been working on this for years.  Help me out.

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