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Re: Commentary from The Netherlands

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> Commentary View From AbroadThe EndarkenmentBy Linda Deak
> > Online Journal Contributing Editor
> >  October 27, 2004

> > -It is a shock to the people of Europe that this election is even a contest.
> > How can people in these times, in the Information Age, have their collective
> > heads in the sand and believe the nonsense that Bush spews on the campaign
> > trail? The truth is out there and has to be eschewed by people supporting Bush.

Well, considering that Bush bought, or *stole* the office in the first
place, nothing comes as a shock to Americans anymore.

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> > Caesar said, "Fere libenter hominess id quod volunt credunt," or in our
> > parlance, "Men readily believe what they want to believe."Among other things
> > the Enlightenment, which spawned the ideas on which our democracy was based,
> > pursues the truth, and holds a belief in rational science and in open honesty.
> > It is about freeing people of ignorance. Our country has seemingly lost its way
> > somewhere. Maybe it is the lack of intellectual stimulation in the American
> > culture, maybe it is a hopeless naiveté that is woven through the American
> > character, a quality that may be attractive in someone very young but is not
> > attractive at all in a grown-up. I have to put a fair share of the blame on the
> > media. This infotainment that has taken it upon itself to shore up the
> > un-elected incompetent president of the United States makes no pretense of
> > holding any journalistic integrity. It sees its job as a mission of
> > indoctrinating rather than informing.Over here across the Atlantic where most
> > of our ancestors were raised, the Enlightenment is in more certain influence in
> > the daily affairs of the citizenry. The television stations are showing
> > documentary after documentary putting light on the darkness that has befallen
> > America. The Dutch had a show this week on Fox News and gave remarkable figures
> > on the percentage of Fox News viewers who actually still believe that there are
> > weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The BBC seems to take great joy in
> > directing its camera onto the faces of crowds of ignorant American people. It
> > is almost as though ignorance and darkness have been celebrated in America. Tom
> > Fina, the Executive Director Emeritus of Democrats Abroad says it this way:
> > "Bush benefits from the confidence of countless voters who can easily embrace
> > his passionate generalizations and allusions to Divine guidance and who
> > distrust the rational language of intellectuals like Kerry and Edwards."The
> > German station showed a documentary recently on the Bush family and it was not
> > at all a flattering piece. My German friends tell me that the phenomenon of
> > Bush has done wonders for their cultural healing after bearing the shame of the
> > Holocaust.

I’ll stop short of placing bush *exactly* in that category… *but*
there is documented evidence that Bush’s family had close ties with
Nazi Germany.

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> > The children and grandchildren of that dreadful blight on history
> > have never really had the opportunity to put their forebears on trial and the
> > guilt and horror has come down in their genes the same way eye color does.
> > Watching the capitulation of the American mind to the Bush propaganda, the
> > advance of corporatism, nonsensical warmongering and the insistence on
> > patriotism has helped the German people of today reconcile with their past. "It
> > can even happen in America." I must add here, though, the fact that the
> > percentage of the population as a whole who have capitulated is much lower than
> > Nazi Germany experienced in 1933, when 96 percent of their democracy voted for
> > Hitler,

> As tallied by whom?  Saddam got 100% of the votes in his last election.
>   Boss Tweed was elected mayor of New York City by more votes than there
> were voters.  If/when Kerry gets elected will he have to be any more
> accountable than Dubya is now?

> > demonstrated for all to see that the true nature of democracy has no
> > value of its own; it is only as good or bad as the people who operate it.

> The people who operate a democracy are the people that SAY who won, but:
>    "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" [Who shall watch the watchers?] –
> Juvenal, circa 60-140 A.D.

> > Now
> > my beloved country has done that as well. "At least, " I remind everyone, "we
> > did not elect Bush." He did not even get a majority in our form of democracy.As
> > I tap this column out we have less than a week to go before the election. I
> > believe the polls are wrong and that Kerry enjoys a very healthy lead. For one
> > thing the one million votes that we churned up from overseas Americans have not
> > been polled. Neither have the college students been included in the polls of
> > "likely voters." The Democrats are not going to roll over and allow Bush to be
> > appointed for a second term.If Bush were to go in for a second term, the
> > repercussions from the more enlightened outside world will be very dire indeed.
> > The state of the economy, the very real fear right now of the dollar going into
> > freefall, the billions being taken out of our stock market by foreign investors
> > have more to do with Bush than the business analysts are inclined to let its
> > public know.The state of the American economy and the state of the war in Iraq
> > are not points of history that a rational man would want to be hooked with as
> > he takes office. I am grateful that Kerry is not so rational to bow out now and
> > let the Republicans implode in their own mess. There will be an amazing and
> > huge exhalation of breath from the outside world when Kerry is elected. The
> > relief will be palpable and felt by all.

> I’ll exhale when offices no longer sanctify the holders of them………

> > We are all going to have to help
> > America come out of this Endarkenment. We are going to have to start with media
> > reform, election reform, business reform, tax reform, healthcare reform,
> > education reform and restoration of relationships with our allies from around
> > the world. Then we can work from there.

> To declare the United States’ membership in the UN once again
> "relevant," and have that declaration believed to be more than empty
> high sounding bombast without holding someone to account for the illegal
> invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, will be a colossal feat.

> Accountable ergo credible. Not accountable = not credible. One implies
> the other inescapably.

> > Linda Deak is an American currently residing in The Netherlands.

Seems like a cool place to be.

"Autograph Of Zorro" is online now at:



De Amerikaanse coffeeshopdichter Will Dockery oefent in Shadowville
met locale muzikanten om het gedicht van Benders ‘The Autograph of
Zorro’ op muziek te zetten. Dockery is een authentiek Amerikaans
poezietalent en zal later deze maand als Zorro in diverse clubs in
Shadowville invulling geven aan zijn ideen over Nederland zoals
geinspireerd door het Zorro gedicht van Benders. Shadowville groet
Nederland en laat jullie weten dat de band tussen de USA en Nederland
springlevend is, ook als het gaat om de poezietraditie!

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> You go Linda.  Good thinking for the most part.

> Loving Light,
> Sanity

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Does anyone good still post here?

I was here maybe 2-3 years ago and every time I look at the group
these days I see a lot of trolls and sadly the same ones that people
were feeding back then. Is anyone still around who takes this group

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Civilian death toll in Iraq exceeds 100,000


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Message to Will Dockery

Hi Will,

I have some time now so I will post the Mp3 together with some new
pictures to my website this evening.

Some people in my house tonight listened to your song and they thought
it was pretty amazing.

I think it is important we shouldn’t rush things too much. I will
write another Zorro poem which I will write especially for music,
so it will flow more nicely with the wonderful arrangements.

So our project could take a bit longer to finish but it’s the quality of
the result that matters, right?

I think it would be great if you could record two other versions of the
existing Zorro poem: one in a kind of ‘Kenny Rogers’ voice over (the
english’ and one in which you will sing the dutch version – I know
that’s really hard but I think the result will be worth it.

I am also thinking: maybe some female backing vocals with the Kenny
Rogers part? A bit more gospelish…..

As to the video, I think, if you don’t mind of course, I will write a
short screenplay for it. It will be a like a minimovie.

Let me know what you think. Feedback is greatly appreciated.


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Repost for Carolyn: Parasite poetry challenge

Entries to date (If I’ve missed anyone please let me know.):

 The Lancet Fluke

 A Hermaphrodite and Flatworm, The Lancet Fluke
 resides in the bile-ducts of domesticated herds
 of sheep, cattle (wild rabbits) and – by fluke –
 in the Man-gut, the chance imbibbers of ant or turd.

 Their eggs raft on bile, then fecal flows
 until Land Snails (dining in crap-eterias)
 scoff up the eggs and in breath-chambers  grows
 the slime-balls they cough up, squirming with Cercaria

 Now ants, with their appetite for "escargot tapioca",
 are known to come running when a snail clears his throat.
 The Obligate Parasites, from their abdominal utopia
 send confederates to the brain of their "colonial" host

 then the ants and their drivers hold fast to the grass-tips
 (when below twenty C) – waiting for sheep lips.


Ode to Clonorchis Sinensis (Chinese Liver Fluke)

 Considering the fluid nature of systematics,
 I wonder how many emperors you brought to their knees,
 while metacercariae excyst spread through their intestines,
 A thousand cherry blossom petals falling to the earth.
 A thousand soldiers marching to their death.

 Considering the fluid nature of systematics,
 I wonder how many lovers have entwined on mountaintops,
 while juvenile worms migrate to the bile ducts,
 A thousand poets writing requiems to the trees.
 A thousand birds returning in the spring.

 R.S. Lorenson


  From The Nature Is Beautiful Department

 The common barnacle (Sacculina) begins its parasitic life as a
 free-swimming larva. The female barnacle (as insidious as any woman!)
 settles on a crab, crawls to a leg joint and pokes a small entry hole.
 She then squeezes her soft parts inside (leaving her shell behind) and
 wends her single-minded way to the abdomen where she dines on the
 available nutrients. As she grows, she forms a protrusion in the crab’s
 shell and then sends out extensions – or "roots" – of her own body
 throughout the crab, even to the very tips of its eye stalks. As a
 result the crab soon no longer sheds its shell, grows, or produces eggs
 or sperm. In essence, the crab becomes a zombie vehicle which lives only
 to serve its parasitic guest.
 As if that weren’t disturbing enough, the female furthermore makes a
 pinhole in the host’s abdomen to attract the tiny male Sacculina, who
 squeezes himself into the crab in the same fashion as the female had
 earlier. They then fertilize each other for the remainder of their
 lives, and manipulate the crab’s hormonal system so that the crab
 periodically scales a high rock, pushes out the parasites’ young’uns,
 and even waves its claws in the water to spread them on their merry way
 - just as it would do for its own offspring.
 Dale Houstman


The yellow winged wasp
 cuts through the air

 the smoke colored legs
 of the yellow winged wasp
 are quite fair!

 Feeding on flies
 and the eggs of the blue winged

 Its vampire fangs suck the
 living tissue out of most everything

 It does not eat cabbage,
 nor any winged fish

 It will not lay around and wait
 for a waiter to bring its dish

 Like a sword it weilds a mighty sting
 Its ass is stout and houses about 22

 The yellow winged wasp
 cuts through the dilapidated air

 The yellow winged wasp
 has not a winsome care…!

 To it patience is not a virtue:
 with flight of wing it seeks food
 and just a quick place to screw

John Adams

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A Poetry Challenge and Warm Welcome to All-2

The following is a review written by Dale Houstman of a poem written
by a poet of little acclaim. The objective in is to resurrect as closely as
you can
the poem from Dale’s "eulogy".
 Since this challenge is not of the "dash-it-out-and-giggle" variety, myself
(should I be otherwise preoccupied) others (who feel this challenge to be
will be reposting the entire thread periodically.The deadline for entries is
November 15th
(I sincerely hope this delay in deciding a winner discourages the impulsive
seekers who plague this group from participating ).
  Dale will be posting the original work, along with the identity of the
author, on the
16th of November. The winner will be selected (by vote) from and by the
The comments of non-participants are welcome and will have their due
influence on
the selection of a winner.

First Prize: The first prize winner will not participate in flame wars for a

Second Prize: No flame wars for six months

Third Prize: No flame wars for three months

Dead last: No flame wars for life!


Review of X

A short series of couplets leads us through the absurdities of a violent
century, and though the poem lacks historical (not to mention merely
physical specifics), its curt rhetoric is damning of man’s paradoxical
choices in this world, how we solve problems not with contemplation and
complex problem-solving, but with knee-jerk responses to simple
miscomprehensions, and with a need to either punish or extinguish that
which affronts our sense of social health. At the close of a bloody day,
such a "philosophy" probably affords us a small measure of that feeling
which comes with "a job well done," but the results – often not seen
until decades later – are always the same; brutality enacted via
simplistic solutions. The poem has a nursery rhyme aspect, with little
structural evolution from stanza to stanza, so that the lines seem to be
undeniable truisms, naked as they are in their lack of flourish or
adornment. This does not allow us to escape the dull idiocy of the
thoughts, which are played out – unfortunately – every day in the news.



Ring around the roseys
pocket full of poseys
achoos, achoos
we all fall down.


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No more fucking poetry in this newsgroup…

because it’s STILL all about ME. You fucking losers can’t write
poetry. You can’t post links to news stories or political
commentaries, or offer any observations you may have had today. Oh no,
you HAVE to write about ME. Get over it already. Write something. Post
a poem. Offer up a topic of conversation instead of focusing all of
your energy on me. SNAP OUT OF IT!!! heh…

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Baptists will rule the world


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Re: excellent freeware with text and html editors

whoot! ignore this, Sig check.

"We want more than the wars of our fathers….."
ytoken=20041024055117"> -start a friggen revolution- </a>
*pst-don’t get excited it’s just my blog*

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Will Dockery

Will, your email adress bounces. Please sent me your correct adress at

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