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"Alexandrov's Ragtime Bond" [C&C, Please]

"Play balalaikas, with sound’s sweet as viols. . .
Chernyuchin’s departed on a train to ‘vostok!
My friend’s climbed aboard, never heeding the miles
that’ll soon be between us in a land ever dark.
Chernyuchins’ mind’s addled – t’wasn’t always that way!
He was brilliant and keen in the high glory days,
when our Motherland’s pride nearly swept us away
from all senses and reason, and the fires burned ablaze.
Oh, such was then, but he’s since lost his mind,
ever chasing the morrow – only finding days past.
How I wish I could put this parting behind
and return to a time when our kinship was fast,
and Chernyuchin and me?  We’d forge a broad path
through Russia’s warm bosom, never fearing her wrath."

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Redcar Writers 1998 Competitions
Redcar Writers
are pleased to announce the annual competitions for 1998
  for poetry and  short stories
Entry rules;  This years theme is   "LOVE"
1.  Authors name must be on separate sheet only,  no
     identity  to be on manuscript
2.  Entries should be previously unpublished
3.  Poetry, maximum 40 lines,  any format, on one side
     of A4 sheets
     Short Stories maximum 2500 words  use one side of
     A4 sheets
4.  No manuscripts can be returned. Send copies only.
5.  Entry fees £1.50  for first entry, £1.00 for extra entries
6.  Only one prize per person in each category
7.  First prize minimum £60  (2nd £30,  3rd £15  r.u. £5)
8.  Closing date June 30th  1998
9.  Results to be announced September 16th 1998
Critics service;  Send £3 for judges report on your work.
                 (prizewinners will receive this free.)
        Entries with fees (no entry form required) to:
            Redcar Writers Comp.
            398 Laburnum Road

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anybody familiar with the following phrase supposedly by a famous english
poet. i’m afraid i don’t know who:-( i’d be forever indebted to whoever
could give me the right answer.
"may the bad things in life come in two’s and not three’s"
p.s. please email me directly as i don’t have regular access to

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Bad Baby

Bad Baby, by Bacchus

I am the bad man
In your castle and keep
I’m the bad baby
Wouldn’t go to sleep

I am the fox
In the henhouse this day
I’m chokin’ on chicken
Hey hey, HEY!

send us a poem at http://www3.sympatico.ca/bwallace/poetry.htm

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Just a short note to remind you of RealPoetik, which _Another Chicago
Magazine_ and _Jejune_ both termed "the best little magazine on the

     Realpoetik is a real little (literary) magazine, publishing for
almost four years now, but on the internet.  Unlike most other literary
spaces on the internet, RealPoetik accepts, indeed solicites material
from writers and poets off the net.  Further, we’re run and edited by
poets and writers with technical expertise, not techies who think they
can write.  About 25% of our material comes in in hard copy since some
of the writers we’re interested in aren’t very interested in the net.

    RealPoetik has a subscriber list of about 1,000, as well as an extremely
well-known web page.

  So far, we’ve published Hal Sirowitz, William Talcott, Bart Plantenga,
Tuli Kupferberg, Connie Deanovich, Carol Wierzbicki, Tsaurah Litsky,
Barry Silesky, Buddy Kold, Alfred Vitale, Peter Mortimer, Martin Stannard,
Robert Sward, Elinor Nauen, Bob Holman,  Sal Salasin, and many others.

   We also carry archives and a web site, so the materials we publish
are available 24X7.

    We come out in the form of a listserv (email), usually about 3-5
pages per week.  Subscriptions are free.  Send email to listp…@wln.com.
a single line of text reading:
subscribe rpoetik Your Real Name
(note spelling of rpoetik).
Our entire output for 1994 and 1995 may be obtained
by writing to listp…@wln.com,  a single
line of text reading:
get rpoetik Vol1-94          or
get rpoetik Vol2-95

     Our web page is at http://www.wln.com/~salasin/rp.html.

     We look forward to your subscriptions, inquiries, and submissions.

Sal Salasin

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you’ve caught my eye again
I open my mouth to speak
only a growl escapes me
stay a little longer
I’m not quite done
feeding on you
think the heat of my breath
could melt you down
I’ll drink deeply
smile as you pass my lips
trickle down my throat
your fire rests in me
even as mine
enters you




no longer want
stronger than need
far beyond hunger
you waken my greed…

Questions, comments, opinions, criticisms, abuse?
Send it my way… j…@vt.edu

My news server is being a pain in the ass. I’m not
sure if this will post. If it does and you want to
contact me (for whatever reason), please use my
email address instead of (or in addition to) posting
a response. Oh, I’d like to thank everyone who
has responded to my work. You know who you
are. Thanks…

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blanket of soft ebony
settled on my troubled brow
vibrant reality
daylight’s colorful array
gives way to
subdued impressions
night’s gentle kiss
falls upon my eyes
I smile

welcome fireworks
one moment, two
struggle, flare
its labor begets a flame
newborn burning passion
dancing, swaying, moving
to a beat only my heart knows
pushing back my Lady’s veil
just enough to see
stare into the fiery eye
watch it watching me
secret on the tip of the tongue
wanting to share
one simple desire
with warm voice speaks:

come dance with me
burn just as brightly
let passion be motive
let desire be reason
let fire be life
come dance with me

I hear, I listen
I embrace the flame
dance against the darkness
my light, my love, as one
become me
even as I become
free, pure, beautiful
as I was called to be
and so called
I call to you
come dance with me

Questions, comments, opinions, criticisms, abuse?
Send it my way…   j…@vt.edu

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"Here I Wait" BC

Here I Wait

This time seems so still
Like sticking your head into a vacuum
Your heart into a box

Thoughts race like wildfire through my mind
Yet still nothing moves
My intentions cannot rustle the leaves
Nor can my love touch your lips

If I were to watch the clock
I would surely go mad
Shall I pry the hands to move faster?
Shall I pray the morning sun to hasten
Along it’s way?

How can I struggle so against
Such deliberate time lines?
Run so fast from this home of my making?
Make cry the ones I love?
I hear the words but have no answers
So here I wait

I can see your face on the paper
And hear your voice in the air
And all the time realize how powerless
I am to show you my true love.

Bob Childs  (C) It’s A Breeze 8-94

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"I'm Fine" BC

I’m fine

I am disappointed in myself
I am disconnected from the world
I am void of passion for the things I do
I am without love
I am alone
      So why
When you ask me how I am
I always say I’m fine?

I feel like everyday is a struggle
I feel like everything is a contradiction
I feel like all my pain is not worth talking about
I feel like I will never find comfort
I feel like I deserve this punishment
      So why
When you ask me how I feel
I always say I feel nothing?

My life is filled with wonderful memories
My life is satisfied by rewarding relationships
My life is blessed with warm and gentle experiences
My life is touched by beautiful friendships
My life is linked with true connections
      So why
When you ask me if I’ll be alright
I think of my life as being too hard to live?

Bob Childs (C) It’s A Breeze 6-6-97

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Place your breath
  on my bare shoulder.
Put your hands
  on  my wounded heart.
Warm me, knead me, lead me
from the pain of days’ dark.

Move your eyes before me.
I need to feel their hold.
Wrap your words around me
using your legs, reaaaal sloooow.

Warm me, knead me, lead me.
Maybe then, I’ll go.

         * * *

By Sharon McElroy-Poet/Author  Copyright(c)1998
  All Rights Reserved. Printed in U.S.A.
NEW POEMS of erotic romance at Sharon’s site:
Comments Most Welcomed

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